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Oh my GAWWWWD, it’s NAVY BLUE! I’m not sure I’d ever wear a navy bag – it doesn’t go with my color palette, but I love the color for others. And I also love the Marc by Marc Jacobs Dr. Q Groovee bag – I love it a lot! So now, it appears that Marc has made two new colors to keep us occupied; indigo and light brown (boooo). Light brown is always a swing and a miss, but I think the dark blue is adorable, and not a color that you see in a bag that often. It could stand to be a bit lighter, possibly, but that may just be the photography.

And the hardware is silver! I love it when Marc does silver on any of his lines. The gold hardware went on for so, so long, and it seems like silver might be here for a little while. With a neutral color and silver hardware, this is a bag that can be used for years, and Marc continues to price his diffusion lines reasonably: buy through ShopBop for $498.