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I cannot for the life of me think of how this bag would come in handy. So here is the deal. I have come across this bag for the past couple weeks and every time I have I cringed just a little bit. I guess I finally had to write about it. The Marc by Marc Jacobs Dot Hobo is a complete miss in my book. Apparently this hobo is supposed to fit comfortably on your shoulder, but I can’t imagine this resting ever so gracefully on your side. In fact, I feel like the shape of the bag is a bit awkward. On my shoulder I think I would be spending most of the time trying to carry it a little behind my arm as the bag keeps rubbing up against it. I don’t know about you, but one of my biggest pet peeves about bags is when you look like you are fighting with it in order for it to just be still! The color is ok, but on this bag it looks like it is too much. Again, with a large hobo, there will obviously be plenty of room for you to store anything and everything you might need. This hobo is no exception to the rule; it is huge. Maybe it would be ok for a day at the beach, but otherwise, I don’t think you would ever see me carrying it around. However, if you disagree, you can buy through Bluefly for $173.