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Marc by Marc Jacobs Croc of Q Linda ClutchThe Marc by Marc Jacobs Croc of Q Linda Clutch is a perfect of example of the old adage that sometimes, the best things come in small packages. There are a lot of bags in this super-bright, croc-stamped, patent-finished line. Lots of them, and some of them are enormous. And when a bag is big enough to tote an Olsen Twin around, perhaps it doesn’t need to be bright and croc and patent. It’s a little bit much, as I witnessed in-person at the mall today. But in general, the smaller the bag, the more crazy things you can do with it at once. The Linda Clutch is perfectly sized to carry as both a clutch and a small shoulder bag (it comes with an unobtrusive, removable matching strap). It might look a little plastic-y, but things that are cheap-looking in larger bags can be perfectly fun and wonderful in a clutch. This is one that I wouldn’t mind adding to my wardrobe at all. Buy through eLuxury for $248.