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Marc by Marc Jacobs Big Tote Print BagWhat kind of handbag do you carry to the beach? Being a beach baby, swim suits, sunglasses, flip flops and beach bags have always been some of my favorite things. So, as I gear up for the spring/summer, I know it is time to start adding some new items to my beach repertoire. I came across the Marc by Marc Jacobs Big Tote Print Bag and I was a little speechless. As I sit here typing, I still can’t figure out if this would be an awesome, bright, fun beach bag or if it is just a spatter of color gone wrong. Of course, like every beach bag should, this bag has ample room for almost everything and anything you might carry down to the sand. The multicolored cotton canvas tote has contrast leather trim and a snap lock fastening which hopefully keeps your items where they should be – in the bag. Another plus, the price. But, are there so many colors that my eyes would start to go a little crazy? What do you think? Buy through Net-a-Porter for $ 170.