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So, this is not a handbag. I get that. I didn’t overlook it, it’s a purposeful decision on my part. Because we talk about bags all day, every day, and now that it’s spring and the sun has come out once again, it’s time to talk about another fun accessory for a moment – sunglasses. Specifically, the Marc by Marc Jacobs Angled Frame Sunglasses. Something I’ve always loved about this particular sunglasses line is their price point – they’re all between $90 and $115 in a market where people routinely pay $300 for similar styles. The materials seem to be much the same, and $90 hurts a lot less than $300.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Angled Frame Sunglasses

Almost all of the styles are adorable, and this is my favorite from this season. Large plastic frames can get heavy and uncomfortable in warm weather, and these frames are just thin enough to give you the look without the bulk and the weight, in addition to a great vintage look. And to all you girls out there wearing black sunglasses – please try a pair of tortoise shell! When you’re wearing anything on your face, you have to be conscious of how it looks against your skin tone, and browns are much more forgiving than black on most people. Just a little something to think about while you’re not thinking about handbags. Buy through eLuxury for $115.