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Just when I think that nothing a handbag designer does could possibly surprise me, someone goes and figures out a way to make me look twice. Thank God for innovation, even if it’s a little weird – without people trying new things, we’d all be carrying around the same black leather tote, and it takes a lot of ingenuity to go from the idea of a plain, utilitarian bag to the creation of something as fantastically weird as the Maison Martin Margiela Reflector Clutch

Yep, that’s right. Reflectors, meaning the little plastic things that people stick on the backs of their bikes so that cars won’t run them over at night. The clutch is embellished with those. (more…)

There’s something I’ve heard a lot about Maison Martin Margiela. It’s a little phrase, and it starts like this: Back when Margiela was good… etcetera. That’s sort of depressing, and while some may think that it applies to this nifty little sack, I disagree. On the contrary, I believe that this MM6 Maison Martin Margiela Suede Pouch is understated enough to be perfectly chic.

It’s entirely suede, but that makes for a wonderful summer bag. Plus it adds an extra texturized touch to your outfit, which is, let’s face it, mostly cotton at that time of year. And the color is a sort of a toned-down indigo with a touch of grey, unexpected for summer. Perhaps it’s just because I like wearing wintry textures and colors in the summer, which slightly confuses people, but this pouch is growing on me more and more. (more…)

This clutch is cute. I like the mummy-esque look that you see with the strategically draped leather. The over all shape of the clutch is pretty typical. There is nothing too flashy or edgy about it. However, it is the way that the leather has been placed around the bag that makes it as unique as it is. (more…)

As soon as I went to ShopBop today in search of bags about which to write, I saw the one in the photo over there and thought, “What a great coup for ShopBop, they’re carrying Maison Martin Margiela now!”

Except they’re not, which is too bad. They are, however, carrying the Alice + Olivia Suede Hobo, which appears to be a more or less complete ripoff of the Maison Martin Margiela X-Shaped Hobo. I’m not one to call anyone out for merely a glancing resemblance, so check the proof after the jump. (more…)

I’m betting that most of you have heard “Run This Town,” Jay-Z’s latest single. I live in the outer reaches or the rap-saturated Atlanta radio market, and the song is almost inescapable when listening to about half of the radio presets in my car. As with most slickly produced, high-budget hip-hop, it’s also incredibly catchy and infectious.

It took a few listens before I got all the words, and when I did, I realized that Hova dropped a really odd name in one of the lyrics – Maison Martin Margiela. I don’t know how many of the average pop-rap fans will even understand who that is, or realize that it’s anyone at all, but I found it oddly impressive. MMG is hardly a household name and is not even particularly famous to those that are casually fashion-conscious, so the fact that someone conventionally famous is not only aware that his line exists but also familiar enough with it to include it in braggadocious song lyrics has had me thinking about it for a couple days. And as such, let’s talk about the Maison Martin Margiela Ruched Leather Clutch. (more…)

Maison Martin Margiela Leather Shoulder BagUnder normal circumstances, I hate a gimmicky bag. With a normal designer, the need to make jokes in order to make a bag interesting always makes me think that whoever is behind that brand’s handbags is out of good ideas. The thing with Maison Martin Margiela, though, is that he’s not your average designer. Not by a long shot.

The man has reportedly not been photographed since the 90s, yet he continues to churn out increasingly popular collections of edgy, current clothing and accessories. Some reports are that he’s no longer involved with the day-to-day operations of his label, but the company that now owns it disputes that claim. Either way, part of his shtick has always been adding in a sly joke here and there, and the Maison Martin Margiela Leather Shoulder Bag fits into that category nicely. It looks as though the bottom of the bag has been folded forward, but really the outside zippered pocket has been stitched and fitted with tiny silver feet in order to give the appearance of the bag’s bottom while still being a functioning element of the bag’s design. And that’s why I’ll let this gimmick go – it doesn’t take away from the bag’s functional purpose, and the joke fits is incorporate in such a way that it enhances the bag instead of detracting from it. The man may be a hermit, but his humor still translates.

Buy through Saks for $1445.

Origami HandbagsThe art of Japanese paper folding takes on a new dimension as a fine detail on origami inspired handbags.

Leather is pushed to the limit as it is folded, stitched and glued into intricate folds. I am fascinated with this trend as I continue to discover more and more handbags with various levels of origami detailing. Above are some of the standout origami handbags spotted recently. Some with more obvious origami details than others.

On the more subtle end of the spectrum I came across the delicate cut and folded corners of the Ferragamo single frame satchel and Nancy Gonzalez tote. The tiny folded and stitched corners add a new dimension and interest upon the already texture laden skins. I love the various tones of cocoa leather/skin. These little cut out shapes and patterns will only continue to look better with age. (more…)

By now, there is no doubt you know the love I have for most clutches. I don’t know about you, but one of the reasons I am such a fan revolves around the size of a typical clutch. Usually, they are big enough to hold all of the essentials while remaining hand holdable (literally). Then, today, I came across “over sized” clutches. I don’t know how I feel about this. I mean, should these handbags even be classified as clutches? The Maison Martin Margiela Giant Pleated Clutch is a perfect example. Granted, the image takes a little away from what the bag appears like alone, but take a second and look at how LARGE this clutch is!

Maybe it is just me, but I really can’t get over the size. Call me old fashioned, but I guess I really like the “typical” size of clutches; I’m not so sure I want to supersize my clutch. But let’s move on from my hangup and look at the quality of the Giant Pleated Clutch a bit. I do like the smooth pleated leather with the signature white stitching on one side. The clutch has a zip top with an 11.5″ long wrist strap pull tab. Clearly there is plenty of room to store pretty much anything you want and there is a cell phone pocket, leather-trimmed zip pocket and a leather strap with dangling key clasp. It is a gorgeous bag, but is it too big to tote around? What do you think? If you are ready to supersize your next clutch, maybe this is the one! Buy through eLuxury for $745.00.

Shirt found on eBay

I think I get the reference here. I really think I do. I think Maison Martin Margiela is trying to give a not-so-sly nod to those eternally unfashionable t-shirts from the late 80s and early 90s with majestically airbrushed scenes of wolves or tigers or other predatory beasts on them. Their wearers could often be found in arcades, playing Dance Dance Revolution and sipping a slurpy.

Or now, they’ve experienced a new awakening with ironic Brooklyn hipsters, who will mine second-hand stores for anything awful and too tight to wear, possibly as some sort of mating call to other hipsters. I don’t understand this logic and don’t pretend to understand it, but there it is. So.

And now, as with all stupid grassroots trends, an ‘edgy’ designer has co-opted it and decided to charge big bucks for those that want to get the trend without going to the thrift shop. For this particular piece of pop culture, the Maison Martin Margiela Airbrushed Wolf Bag has an airbrushed wolf head on the side of a while leather hobo (incidentally, the white leather hobo by itself would be something I would carry – very soft-looking and unstructured; very much my style). Words simply fail me here. There’s nothing to say about the utter stupidity of this bag (and its price tag, which is absolutely asinine for what is no more than a novelty item) that isn’t glaringly obvious just from the photo. So, have at it in the comments. Buy through eLuxury for $1,195.

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