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Exotic ToteWell ladies and gentlemen, today is the last day of our amazing giveaway. While we love giveaways, we also love giveaways where we get to partner with some of our favorite web-based friends. I speak for the entire Purse Blog team when I say how wonderful it is to work with other phenomenal sites and amazing designers.

If you weren’t familiar with Luxaholics before, you should be now. And trust me, this is a great site to keep in your daily rotation. Beyond, that, I hope you’ve had a great time checking out some of the hottest exotic handbags on the market, thanks to Adriana Castro!

Exotic Clutch So, today being the last day, you better believe you won’t be disappointed. By entering today, you won’t just be in the running to capture one amazing exotic handbag, if you win, you will win TWO bags! That is right… TWO!

Yes, we’ve saved the best for last. If you win, you will be adding the Python Melissa Hobo, the Python Wallet and a matching card holder to your handbag collection. These bags are breathtaking and together retail at $2405. If I could, you better believe I would keep them for myself. So, make sure you enter to win!!!


Today’s secret code: Columbia

Adriana Castro Day 4 Giveaway

The week is beginning to wind down. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t look forward to the weekend? I will be the first to say, I always look forward to the weekend! When I think of the weekend, I can’t help but think about which fabulous clutch I will carry out. For day four of our amazing giveaway with Luxaholics, there is a fabulous exotic clutch up for grabs. This Adriana Castro Crocodile Modish Clutch is a head turner. Retailing at $1530, what better way make this yours than by winning it!


Today’s secret code: Clutch

Adriana Castro Day 3 Giveaway

Happy Hump Day. It is the middle of the week and the middle of our week of amazing giveaways. We love working with our friends over at Luxaholics and promise to keep bringing you other amazing giveaways like this! With your help, today, Adriana Castro has designed an amazing clutch that could be yours. The Adriana Castro Lizard Daisy Clutch is sleek, elegant and boasts just a bit of color to spice up your handbag collection. And if you think you like this one… just wait until you see what we have for you tomorrow and Friday!


Today’s secret code: Exclusive

Adriana Castro Day 2 Giveaway

Curious to see what other exotic Adriana Castro handbags are up for grabs this week? Well, today, you have the chance to win a gorgeous Python Zip Wallet and matching card holder. This gorgeous bag can easily be used during the day as you run around or at night when you put on one of your killer outfits and dangerously breathtaking heels. Can’t you just see yourself pairing this with jeans and a white snug fitting shirt or your favorite LBD (little black dress)? Oh the options! Head over to Luxaholics so you can enter to win this great bag and card holder which retail at over $500.


Today’s secret code: Miami

Cosmetic Case This week is going to be absolutely amazing. If you are anything like me, you might have just finished a weekend where you couldn’t wait for Monday to begin. While this doesn’t happen much, I could hardly wait for today and the kick-off of our new giveaway. We’ve partnered with our fashionably fabulous friends over at Luxaholics to co-host a five-day long exotic handbag giveaway!

As you may know, exotic handbag designer, Adriana Castro has not only supplied handbags for this giveaway, but she’s actually custom designed and constructed the bags that are up for grabs!

Wondering how everything will work? Each day from 9AM EST through 8:59 AM EST the following day (24 hours) you will have the chance to enter that day’s giveaway. You will need to provide the secret code which will be found in that day’s Purse Blog post when entering over at Luxaholics. Only one entry per person/per day. Of course you can enter each day during the Week of Exotic Handbag Giveaways! A winner will be randomly selected and notified within 24 hours following that day’s giveaway.

Adriana Castro Cosmetic Case So, what’s up today? An absolutely gorgeous Adriana Castro Crocodile Cosmetic Case. One of the best things about this bag, is that depending on what your needs are, you can use it as a cosmetic case or a clutch! Personally, I’d tote this beautiful bag as much as possible, so for me, it would be a clutch. Retailing at over $400, this exclusive bag is something that would add class and sophistication to anyone’s collection!


Today’s secret code: Exotic

Purse Blog GIveaway

Yep, you know me, I can’t keep a secret. And even beyond that, you might remember when we polled you all about exclusive handbags Adriana Castro would be designing for a huge giveaway! We are partnering with our friends at Luxholics again to co-host an unbelievable Adriana Castro giveaway!!! While I am not going to share all the details now, stay tuned… so much more to come in the next couple days!

You might remember, back in December we partnered with Luxaholics to bring you the 12 Days of Handbags Giveaway. Thanks to the great partnership as well as the many designers who donated gorgeous bags, the giveaway was nothing short of amazing. Well, it is time for another great collaboration. This time Purse Blog and Luxaholics are partnering with the fabulous exotic handbag designer, Adriana Castro.

May Collaboration

While the actual dates for the giveaway are being ironed out (I will tell you that it will be sometime in May) we all thought our amazing readers would love to be part of the creative process. The giveaway will last for 5 Days and thus, you have the opportunity to select which colors you’d like used for the bags. How awesome is that? Not only do you have a chance to win, but also a chance to vote on your favorite colors for the bags. Enjoy and remember, your vote makes a difference. (more…)

Today is Day 12 of our 12 Days of Handbags Giveaway. Over the past several days, Purse Blog and Luxaholics have brought you a wide range of drop dead amazing handbags. We hope that you’ve enjoyed the giveaway as much as we have. And hopefully, we will be able to bring you more fabulous giveaways like this in the future. But, before we totally say goodbye to the giveaway, we can’t forget about Day 12. Just last Friday, Day 9 Linea Pelle gave 3 handbags and today they are giving another, the Linea Pelle Dylan Large Speedy Tote. This is a perfect bag, day or night.

Ok, but that is not all. If selected as today’s winner, you will not only win the Linea Pelle Dylan Large Speedy Tote, but you will also win your very own Louis Vuitton handbag! We are so thankful to all the designers who have participated in this giveaway. So, here at Purse Blog, we wanted to add a special gift too. We give you the Louis Vuitton Galliera PM. The supple handbag boasts monogram canvas, microfiber lining and natural cowhide trimmings. You will look fabulous carrying your new LV handbag around anytime of the day, night or year. Easily carried on the shoulder or in hand, this bag is sure to be one you keep for years to come.

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Today’s secret code: Purse Blog

Only two days left in our amazing 12 Days of Handbags Giveaway. Over the past ten days Purse Blog and Luxaholics has brought you gorgeous handbags as well as introduced you to some fabulous designers you may or may not have heard of. And today we bring you the Furla Winter White Carmen. I have to say, this is one handbag that is truly perfect for the holiday season. In fact, this Furla handbag would be great for several seasons. The white embossed croco leather is eye catching. At the same time, Furla has found a way to pick just the right shade of white which can be used during multiple seasons. Furla is one of the leading handbag brands in Europe and its popularity and presence have been increasing here in the United States. Who knows, today might be your day to win!

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Today’s secret code: 1927

Are you getting tired of looking at all these fabulous handbags we are giving away? I didn’t think so! I’ve been looking forward to Day 9 for quite some time now. If you aren’t familiar with this brand yet, let Purse Blog and Luxaholics introduce you to Linea Pelle. Actually, all of us at Purse Blog have had a chance to meet the oh so wonderful and hilarious creative designer behind Linea Pelle, Andrew Cotton. Megs and Vlad met him while they were in New York last year and I met him just last month out in LA.

Linea Pelle handbags have been making their way into the closets of people all over the place. Celeb and reality tv star Lauren Conrad loves Linea Pelle so much that she actually teamed up with Linea Pelle a little while back for a collaboration. Well, this amazing brand brings you not one, not two, but THREE handbags you can win. If you are today’s lucky winner you will find yourself being able to look into your closest and wonder which Linea Pelle hanbag you should carry that day – the Dylan Croco Double Zippy, the Nikki Tote or the Samantha Large Double Handle? Oh the choices! Talk about a great Friday, a great Giveaway and a great brand- Linea Pelle!

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Today’s secret code: Belts

Another day, another giveaway. Wait, that isn’t quite true. This isn’t just any giveaway. Each day Purse Blog and Luxaholics continues to bring you great designer handbags – all unique and oh so fabulous in their own ways. Today, Day 8 of our 12 Days of Handbags Giveaway is sponsored by the oh so wonderful Jalda. Jalda was another LA based designer I had the pleasure to meet up with while I was in LA last month. Her handbags are fabulous and her clutches, down right breathtaking. Today, enter to win the Jalda Stingray Bean Clutch. Those of you who are familiar with Jalda probably notice the signature bean clutch. It is unique, fresh and fun to hold. This clutch has an added feature, even when carrying this around on the hottest of days, your hand will remain cool since stingray is a material that retains a cool temperature. I love, love, LOVE this clutch!!!

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Today’s secret code: Blue

Let’s face it, the celebrity craze is everywhere. Here at Purse Blog and over at Luxaholics we talk about celebs all the time; where they hang out, who they are with and of course what they wear. Now, that of course includes what handbags they are carrying. Just as some celebs can be photographed wearing several different outfits a day, they can also be found carrying several different handbags. LA based designer CC Skye has a huge celeb following. And we are thrilled to say that our Day 7 Giveaway is her ever so popular and widely photographed CC Skye Lucy Bag.

To me, it is more than obvious why this handbag is such a celeb favorite. It is chic, edgy, fun, sophisticated, practical and oh so fashionable. The rolled double handles offer something just a bit different than you might be used to seeing while the classic shape of the handbag provides ample room for whatever you need to bring along with you. I had a chance to meet CC Skye when I was out in LA last month and let me just say, she is just like her handbags: chic, fun and lovely. So, as you pick up the secret code and head back to Luxaholics, stay tuned here at Purse Blog to read up on some great insider information!!!

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Today’s secret code: Malibu