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Now this is the kind of handbag I could clearly make a pros and cons list for. I don’t know about you, but as I grew up and found myself on the fence about something, both of my parents would tell me to make a pros and cons list. I am going to start by saying I don’t really need to make this kind of list for this particular bag, but there are aspects of it I adore and others I can’t stand.

Cynthia Vincent Coltrane Tote

The Cynthia Vincent Coltrane Tote is a bag that is bound to lead some to love it and others to hate it. While Cynthia Vincent is known for her bohemian inspired handbags, I think this one has missed the mark. Yes, the leather looks great and the way the shoulder strap meets the rest of the bag is delightful, but I think that is about all I like. I am having a horrible time with the extra leather that dangles off of the bag. No, I don’t mean fringe, I mean actual leather that just hangs. The structured part of the bag ends and then there is more leather. I don’t get the point. Do you? If so, buy through Luna Boston for $295.