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In our never-ending periodic quest to find stylish options at a variety of price points, today we have a reasonably priced alternative to the Nancy Gonzalez Hand-Held Croc Clutch that I wrote about last month. I liked it so much that I went on a search for a budget-friendly alternative to add to my wardrobe, and the best contender I’ve found is the Rebecca Minkoff Lovers Clutch. (more…)

Excuse me while I shower the Rebecca Minkoff Mini Matinee Satchel with cliches:

Be still my heart.

I think I’m in love.

It had me at “hello.”

Ahem. Ok. I’m done with that for now, but I’m definitely not done with this bag. Not by a long shot. Why would I be? It’s a gorgeous color with a funky design and functional shape. It’s everything I’ve wanted and more. Ok, so maybe I wasn’t done with the cliches. (more…)

One of the best new development on the mid-range handbag market is the sudden growth in availability of fashionable, ethical bags and accessories. They’re not everyone’s cup of tea, but having a multitude of options available is what makes it possible to create a unique personal style, and the fashion choices that one makes say a lot more than some would like to believe.

I’m obviously not personally opposed to leather, but having a viable and stylish alternative is in the best interest of the industry of the whole, and probably in the best interest of the planet as well. Plus, bags like the Big Buddha Taylor Bag demonstrate to those that may be questioning whether or not they want to wear leather that they can still look great without it. (more…)

Rebecca Minkoff Fringe Darling HoboEvery now and then, we like to feel like we provide a public service here at PurseBlog. You need handbag knowledge, we have the resources to provide it.

And there’s an unending amount of handbag knowledge to be gained about the bags that the characters on Gossip Girl carry, so we thought we might drop a little on you today. It’s our job, after all.

In this week’s episode, we spotted Hilary Duff‘s Olivia character carrying a bag by one of our favorites: the Rebecca Minkoff Fringe Darling Hobo. This bag is the slightly more complicated version of the lovely Rebecca Minkoff Darling Hobo, another bag that we absolutely love.

Any bag that’s carried on this show looks totally glam by association, and they do a great job of picking their wardrobe overall. But this bag is the real deal, we think. Buy through Luna Boston for $495.

Now this handbag is something I wouldn’t have expected to come from Botkier. In fact, I really had to stop and look at this bag rather closely in order to give it a fair review. Sometimes it is difficult for me to give an unbiased review when the bag seems so different, so outside of my personal realm of preference. However, I am going to try really hard with the Botkier Orion Snake Embossed Small Shoulder Bag. (more…)

Sigh. I really, really, really wish this image was a bit better. The Treesje Hendrix Shoulder Bag is actually a fabulous bag but the image doesn’t do it enough justice. But, let’s try and forget the image itself and let’s just focus on the bag. First and foremost, I love the color of the bag. The polished wine colored leather looks fabulous on this shoulder bag. However, I do have a question as to why Treesje decided to call this a shoulder bag. (more…)

It’s not like I’ve never seen the Linea Pelle Dylan line before. I have. The collection has been popular and widely appreciated for some time now, but it never really made me go “OMG AMANDA WANT” like some other bags.

Slowly, though, the love for these bags has been creeping up on me. I’ve found myself to be quite a fan of the hobo, and now I think I’m also in love with the Linea Pelle Dylan Large Speedy. (more…)

Hmmm, hot pink. What do you think of a hot pink handbag? Personally, I’m not a fan of hot pink on huge bags, but on smaller bags, sure why not?! It is always nice to add a bit of flash and spice to an outfit. The Rebecca Minkoff Exclusive 3-Zip Morning After Clutch is the kind of hot pink bag I am sure I would be able to rock. I am not exactly sure which outfit I would carry it with, but you better believe any black or gray outfit would be fabulous! (more…)

LAMB Williamsfield Tote

I never know how I’m going to feel about a new L.A.M.B. bag. Their aesthetic is so unique that it becomes very easy for one of their bags to take things a bit too far, particularly when it comes to their prints, of which I have never been a big fan. In fact, I think the L.A.M.B. Williamsfield Tote is the first of their printed bags that I’ve liked. (more…)

Alright, alright. I know we’ve already covered another Rebecca Minkoff bag today, but I’m sorry, I’m not sorry; I couldn’t help myself. The RM Nikki bag is one that we’ve seen several times before, but now there is an option for an exotic look. The Rebecca Minkoff Python Microfiber Nikki Hobo Bag actually makes me squirm. I don’t like it one bit. (more…)

Sometimes, less is more. In a lot of situations, you don’t need every receipt, after-dinner mint, and wholesale club card that you’ve ever accumulated in your handbag with you. Actually, I’d venture to guess that you don’t need those things on most days, but if you’re like me, they’re what dwell in your bag and wallet anyway.

If you’re looking for a slimmer option to stylishly streamline what you carry, consider the Glam Noir Studded Card Holder. (more…)

Treesje Jovi Bag

The popularity of Gossip Girl fashion-watching can make or break a bag that appears on the show, and it’s been a while since a bag has stood out as much as the teal Treesje Jovi Bag that Serena sported last night with her navy blue outfit. We saw paparazzi pics of it a few weeks ago and I couldn’t wait to see it in action on the show, and now I just want one even more.

If you want to add it to your collection too, the teal that Serena had is hard to track down, but you can grab it in black via Luna Boston for $368.

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