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Help me out here, what do you think about drawstring handbags? Although this isn’t the first time you are reading that I am on the fence about something, but I really don’t know here. I’ve never owned a drawstring handbag in fear that the drawstring feature will do nothing but get on my nerves. Yet, when I came across the Lucky Brand Tulip Leather Drawstring Satchel I had to stop and think twice. I find myself leaning towards liking this handbag. I think more than anything, it is the deep, rich color of the leather. The shape, color and size of the bag all work well together. It seems to be a great choice for a day to day bag. But for those of you who have owned a drawstring bag, do you like it or did you grow to hate it? This particular bag looks sturdy enough to last for several seasons of wear and tear. Buy through Zappos for $177.95.