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Notable new bags include a tote addition to the popular Marmont line

For the first time ever, we know how much all the exotics cost!

The collection’s most notable feature is a redesigned 3Jours Bag

This is the second Givenchy collection for the former Chloé designer

The collection features Coach’s classic Duffel Bag, reimagined

This season, the brand leans even further into the fun it had in Spring 2018

You can expect a lot of gold and ivory in this collection, which fuses ancient aesthetics with Chanel’s modern bags

Get ready for lots of metallic silver, patent leather and embellishments

If you need a super function new accessory, this is right where to look

The French powerhouse just released dozens of new bags, some of them straight off the runway

Chanel’s new collection is here with a bevy of super-useful accessories

If you’re looking for simple and functional, look no further than Chanel’s latest set of bags