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Longchamp Pliage Trolley

Vlad and I travel often, but I can’t say that we travel in style. I, of course, carry a designer bag with me as my purse carry on, but my actual carry on is typically a Samsonite Trolley. Not dissing Samsonite, because their luggage is super sturdy and durable. LV luggage? Nope! I still fly commercial and my luggage is thrown around like you wouldn’t believe. So would I spend money on a designer trolley? Nope. But what about the Longchamp Pliage Trolley? Longchamp is known for their sturdy nylon, but will this luggage do the job for your travel needs? Without seeing this trolley in person, I can not say for sure if it is a go or no go, but the perk is the price. This Longchamp Trolley is trimmed with cowhide leather and has a pull handle. There is a zip around closure. The material is polyamide canvas with PVC coating, which should be sturdy enough. 13″W X 20″H X 8¼”D.

Buy through Saks for $270.