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Saks Sale Time! Remember these beauties? We’ve mentioned them previously. Thanks to the crummy economy, better bags than usual are getting sent to the sale section, and you’d be wise to revisit these bags at their new, lower price tag:

The Foley + Corinna Jet Set Jr. Tote: A favorite of our Gossip Girl heroines, the Jet Set Jr. is luxe without being showy and big enough to carry all of your everyday stuff without losing its shape or its chicness. Was: $528, Now: $369.

The Marc Jacobs Sunburst Stam Bag: This is a personal pick of mine – the Stam shape we all know and love, reworked in beautiful grey without the expected quilting and gold chain. Instead, MJ goes with subtle pleating and a silver box chain, changing up the look just enough to make us all revisit this classic bag. Was: $1395, Now: $976.

The Longchamp Medium Legende Patent Shopper: This color is freakishly, remarkably gorgeous. There are no two ways about it. Why is this on sale? Was: $900, Now: $630.

The Anya Hindmarch Cooper Mirror Bottom Hobo: The fact that this bag made it to the sale rack should make us all fear for the state of the economy. The shape is perfect, the color and texture combination is interesting while still being grown-up, and it positively oozes taste. This bag was great at it’s original price, and even better at the new one. Was: $1195, Now: $836.

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