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Longchamp It Bag Horizontal ToteI’m not normally one for funny or clever bags, or bags with writing on them. I think a bag should speak on its own, without gimmicks and without words, generally. For some reason, though, I find the Longchamp ‘It Bag’ Horizontal Tote completely charming. Maybe because it’s so innately French. Maybe because the back of the bag has the outline of one of their actual bags on it. Maybe because it would actually be a functional bag to have, and it has less unnecessary decoration, despite its words, than most of the real It Bags out there. The whole schtick is done in a minimalist way that keeps things simplistic and chic, which is the only way to pull off a joke like this. If it had been too overdone, it would have gotten hokey and unfashionable very quickly. The French understand these kinds of distinctions, though, and this bag is pitch-perfect as a result. Buy through Nordstrom for $340.