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Loeffler Randall Juliet Large BagThe more I see from Loeffler Randall‘s spring collection, the more I think I need to start paying more attention to the brand. We’ve already spoken about them this week, and when I saw the Loeffler Randall Juliet Large Bag pop up on ShopBop today, I knew we’d have to speak about them again. What Loeffler Randall seems to do really well is make a classic-looking bag for a reasonable price, and I’m all about that. There’s no fussiness, there’s no pretension, there’s just a really nice handbag. I greatly prefer crisp white to off-white for spring and summer, and I like that they managed to make a quilted flap bag, which would normally have a lot of structure, look a bit loose and casual. The strap looks like its the perfect length, and if you’d rather carry it as a slightly oversized clutch, then you can detach it and carry it as you like. Loeffler Randall seems to have a great ability to edit themselves – their bags are simple, but not boring, and never overdone. I look forward to seeing more very soon. Buy through ShopBop for $625.