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Loeffler Randall Carla Patent Clutch

Y’all, I love this. And not just a little bit. I love the Loeffler Randall Carla Patent Clutch a lot. I think I tend to enjoy small bag so much because they allow designers to do really playful things. In a large bag, embossed leather and patent and pleating all together would probably be way, way too much. But in a clutch, a lot of visual interest simultaneously is easier to digest, and is less likely to look inexpensive, than in a larger bag. I bought a similar (although much less expensive – Amanda is on a strict budget!) clutch recently, and got a million compliments on it the first time that I took it out for the night, and this bag would have the exact same effect. The patent would give the embossed “python” leather a gleam that really brings out the scale pattern, and patent is also harder to destroy on a wanton night of partying than regular leather (seriously, folks – almost all of my clutches are patent, and almost all of them still look perfect despite the number of times that I’ve worn them). I had my questions about whether or not the opening would be big enough to use easily, but I think it would be from Eluxury‘s pictures. Buy through eLuxury for $325.