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It has been a little while since we covered Lockheart on PurseBlog. I almost forgot about them, almost. But almost doesn’t count and when I peeked at the brand’s website this week, I found many bags that brought me right back in. One of my favorite bags I have ever used and reused day after day, week after week, is my Lockheart Candice bag. The leather was far more supple than expected and the quality was superb. My Candice is still in great shape and I include her in my bag rotation.

I’ve seen a few other Lockheart bags that are gorgeous, but the Lockheart Laser Tag Tess and Getting Punchy Avery have renewed my love for the brand. Both feature stunning attention to detail with the California cool vibe that I expect from the brand.

I’m having a really hard time deciding which bag I love more, maybe I just need both? (more…)

We usually feature bags from Lockheart over on PurseBlog Savvy because of the brand’s very reasonable price points, but sometimes a mid-range bag impresses us so much that it richly deserves to make the jump to and be considered alongside much more expensive bags. The Lockheart Priscilla Fanfare Shoulder Bag is clearly one such occasion.

Lockheart is a master of intricate texture at a reasonable price, and the Priscilla Fanfare bag fits perfectly into the brand’s aesthetic. The use of black allows the pleated, ribbon-accented leather to do all the aesthetic work for the design, and the finished product looks very much like something Valentino would think up. The only difference is that the Valentino version, were it to exist, wouldn’t cost $345. (more…)

Few brand try to do intricate detail in any kind of committed way. Sure, some designers dabble here and there, but the majority of collections are made up of mostly basic bags with a few statement pieces sprinkled throughout in order to establish a clear brand identity. Detail is just too difficult to do in design after design, right?

Well, if you’re the team behind Lockheart, you’re apparently not listening to the conventional handbag wisdom. The brand’s attention to detail is unparalleled at its price point, and Lockheart’s designers seem to usually know just when to stop before they make something that’s too fussy. They’ve done a great job (again) with the Lockheart Zipcode Estelle Clutch. (more…)

I’ve become a huge fan of Lockheart bags over the past few years and it’s mostly due to the fact that these bags are unlike most others on the market. The bags are highly unique and boast amazing attention to detail. Ok, not to say that other handbags *don’t* showcase attention to detail, but I think you follow what I am saying.

I am used to Lockheart bags being soft, feminine and a bit bohemian. Just as I began to expect this from this brand, they throw a complete curve-ball. While I was a bit shocked at first, I spent some serious time looking and the bag and began to appreciate it for everything that it is. (more…)

I wish there were more Lockheart bags available in retail stores. I’ve been thinking this for quite some time now, but, even more lately. I am back at home visiting the family and where I have my “office” set up, every time I glance up, I see my mom’s gorgeous Lockheart Candice Hobo. Needless to say, I have Lockheart on my mind.

So, today, I didn’t just come across a Lockheart bag, I actively went searching for one. More often than not, when searching for a specific designer bag, I am able to find something I like. And here we go again. (more…)

Once again, Lockheart comes out with a handbag that is full of amazing detail work. I actually had a chance to see the Lockheart design team in action a few weeks back and I was overwhelmed (in a good way) with all the leathers, the conversations and the absolute love for handbags this team has. It is clear that hours of time and thought go into each bag. So, coming across the Lockheart Victoria Jeweled Leather Hobo reminded me of all the detail that can easily be overlooked but shouldn’t be. (more…)

Are there still people out there in Handbagland that are unsure of the idea of brights as neutrals? If so, listen carefully: it’s a really, really good idea. I promise. Have I ever lead you astray before? Oh, yeah, I forgot about that time. But this has nothing to do with shots of tequila, ok?

In fact, investing in a bag such as the Lockheart Iris Tote is an incredibly savvy fashion decision. Why spend so much money on a bag that will merely blend in with the clothes that you already have when you can have one that says something interesting about your personal style? (more…)

Lockheart Hidden Jewel Hobo

No matter how many of their designs I see, I just can’t get over the lovely intricacies of Lockheart handbags. (more…)

I’ve been infatuated with Lockheart bags ever since I saw on in person a few months ago. The Candice Hobo was in our office and I loved so much about it. More than anything, I loved the way the cutouts looked all over the bag. This is the kind of detailing that has to be strategic so that it doesn’t appear sloppy. Lockheart definitely nailed the look. Today, I have another bag where the detailing could certainly be hit or miss depending on how it is executed. (more…)

Lockheart Candice Hobo

Lockheart is one of the new brands we are crushing on. We have been reviewing more of their bags on Purse Blog Savvy and featured our favorite Lockheart Bag in our Shutterbags, the Candice Hobo.

We are giving away the exact same Lockheart Candice Hobo that I own to one lucky member of our Facebook Fanpage! Simply fan us on Facebook and you will be entered. The more you interact the more chances you may have at winning. Contest ends tomorrow right at 11:59 p.m. EST. Good luck and thank you to Lockheart!

Lockheart Candice Hobo

When we introduced Lockheart on PurseBlog we realized you all were crushing on Lockheart as much as we were. We felt like we found a hidden gem, a designer that deserves so much notice but was just becoming known to us. (more…)

When we introduced Lockheart bags to our PurseBlog readers earlier this summer, the response was enormous – the brand has a lot more fans than even we had anticipated! And now that they’ve gained a bit of an exposure through some major online retailers, we’ve gotten to see more and more of their quirky, intricate designs. I, for one, couldn’t be happier about it, and I’m very happy about the Lockheart Holly Shoulder Bag in particular.

Lockheart Holly Shoulder Bag

The puffy, pillow-like texture created by the soft pleats and smooshy leather remind me a bit of the Louis Vuitton Cloud bags from a few seasons ago, except slightly less conceptual and a lot less expensive. The leather looks slouchy, soft and wonderful and the tonal studs at the intersections of the quilt seams is just enough to give it a slightly trendy look for fall. My favorite detail, though, is probably the thick knotting that forms the handle attachments. And of course, as we’ve mentioned before, grey is one of the colors that you need to be adding to your wardrobe right now. All things considered, you can’t go wrong here.