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Lockheart Giselle Foldover BagSo I’m not too familiar with this Lockheart brand, but their Giselle Foldover Bag looks so versatile that it’s got me interested. Normally, I don’t like extra straps. I’m of the mind that a bag should be designed to be carried in one way, and if you can’t stick to a way, then the designer has not been effective in finishing the design. For some reason, this bag is keeping my interest, though. From what I can see, it can be carried in three ways – by its top handles, as a hobo, or as a crossbody bag. I like the zipper details, but something about it might be a bit masculine for me. The leather looks nice, but…is anyone else seeing a laptop briefcase with some fashionable details?

If you’re a professional woman and that’s exactly what you need, then this would probably be a great bag for you to still be stylish but subtle at work. As an everyday bag for a woman that doesn’t need to schlep a laptop or a lot of files, I’m not sure this is the direction that I would advise you to go in. It’s not terrible, and maybe I’m not judging it in the right mindframe, but I’m not on board. I’m interested to see more, though, because although this bag isn’t my style, I think it’s well-executed for what it is. Buy through Saks for $625.