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It isn’t that often that I end up writing about a handbag in my collection. I do love writing about handbags I’d love to add to my collection or handbag styles I can’t get enough of, but here is an instance where I can’t help but share one of my favorite handbags with you. The Linea Pelle Samantha Large Double Handle handbag is one that I absolutely love. First of all, for any of you who have had the opportunity to see a Linea Pelle bag in person, you know how wonderful the leather is – durable yet fashionable. The one aspect of this bag that I can’t get over is the double-zippers. You can open just one of the zippers as you reach in to quickly grab your keys or open both zippers in order to find that pen you know you threw in the bag at some point. The leather-covered pyramid studs are just a tad different than other studs you might notice on handbags. They are a bit more subtle but none the less noticeable. And in all honesty, I can’t tell you how many people have stopped me and asked me about this handbag. It definitely catches people’s attention. And no matter what my outfit might be, there is a good chance this is the handbag I grab as I run out of the house. If I have tempted you just a bit, buy this handbag through Linea Pelle for $595.