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When I think of LeSportsac, I don’t necessarily think of clean design and aesthetic restraint. That’s really not there thing, and I won’t pass judgement on that – to each her own, and they’ve got a huge following of people that eat it up and adore it. That’s why I was surprised when I saw the LeSportsac Lexie Tech Tote. In my all-time-favorite-neutral grey, the tote is subdued, simplisticly chic, and very usable in day to day life. It’s so hard to find a stylish, well-made laptop bag, and with a name like Lexie Tech Tote, that is surely what this is intended to be. The center compartment is padded for safe storage, and because the bag is fashionable, it doesn’t scream “steal me, I have a laptop inside!” I also find the side-fastening very interesting; the clips pull the bag shut without giving it a hard closure on the actual opening. Smells innovative to me – I truly cannot remember seeing something like that elsewhere. All things considered, this is surely the chicest tech bag I’ve seen in a long while. Buy through Shop Bop for $120.