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lesportsac-frieda-waist-bagNo. No, no, no. I cannot support the return of the designer fanny pack. I thought we were over that after Sarah Jessica Parker wore a Gucci “waist pouch” on “Sex and the City” about a million years ago. Apparently not, though, becase LeSportsac has decided that we need to revisit this nontrend with the LeSportsac Frieda Waist Bag. Although this is definitely less expensive than the Gucci fanny pack, I still have the same problems with it. Why in the world would a woman of ANY size willingly strap extra bulk to what is already the widest part of many of their bodies? That’s not flattering on anyone, and it screws up the line of how perfectly good clothes hang and makes them all bunchy around the midsection. Plus it jiggles when you walk and you’ll probably have to adjust your pants all the time while wearing it. So don’t. Do yourself a favor and don’t even think about it. Let this one go by. Buy through Shop Bop for $62.