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If you haven’t yet seen the newest teeny tiny Foley + Corinna City bags, then make your way to your nearest Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom, or Saks Fifth Avenue as soon as possible to take a peek”” within reason, of course. (more…)

Some handbags out there that bring an instant smile to my face. There isn’t necessarily a common theme in the bags that bring me such happiness, but that’s quite alright. Perhaps it has to do with my mood or perhaps it just has to do with the bag itself. I am not really bothered by why I can’t seem to figure out what makes me smile about some bags more than others; in fact, it is rather refreshing.

Speaking of refreshing and putting a smile on my face, let’s take a look at this Christian Louboutin bag. This bag completely encompasses that je ne sais quoi aspect that I completely love in a bag. It is fun, flirty, ferocious and feminine all wrapped into one. (more…)

It has been approximately six years since I’ve left the house without the accompaniment of one kind of key pouch or another. I started using one during my freshman year of college because easy access to my student ID was essential to enter my dorm, and it proved so useful that I never quit.

It’s so convenient to have my driver’s license, debit card and insurance cards attached to my keys, just in case I need to run out the door with minimal baggage. The only problem I’ve had so far is that leather key holders tend to get dirty quickly, but the Felix Rey Leopard Mesh Key Pouch solves that problem nicely by being covered in metal mesh. (more…)

Confession: when I was at the mall last week, I went into a store and saw a turquoise and black leopard-print silk top and WANTED IT SO BAD. So much about it was not my style – the frills it had at the collar, the banded waist, the neckline that wouldn’t allow me to wear a bra, which is not an optional garment in my neck of the woods.

It was shiny and 80s and more than a little tacky, and I loved it all the more as a result. Sadly, the store was sold out of my size and I didn’t have the heart to send a salesgirl searching through the stacks in the back, having had to search through those stacks at a long-ago jobs once myself. However, I might have found a suitable substitute in handbag form: the Rebecca Minkoff Leopard-Print Canvas Tote. (more…)

This is going to be another one of those posts where I wax poetic about how much I simply cannot resist something that is objectively quite tacky, so if you’re the sort that is going to roll your eyes at me over this (again), you might want to stop here and find another post to read. There is absolutely nothing that you’re going to enjoy after this point.

Now on to the business of the Sonia by Sonia Rykiel Nylon Leopard-Print Bag. For some reason, this bag takes a lot of things that shouldn’t work together, combines them, and somehow pulls it off. I have a theory as to why. (more…)

I’m not sure if it’s Lady Gaga’s influence or what, but I’m sure that I’m not the only person that has noticed sequins everywhere for the past few months. High-end handbag designers have largely avoided the trend, but Jimmy Choo has been embracing some rather fly-by-night trends as of late, so the Jimmy Choo Sequined Snake Pattern Tote doesn’t really surprise me.

It’s difficult to see the sequins in this picture since they’re clear, but I assure you that they’re there and they appear to cover the entire bag. As much as I love sequins (and really, I adore them), I just can’t support their inclusion on an everyday tote for a variety of reasons. (more…)

As you can imagine, the Rebecca Minkoff Leopard Baby Bag inspires a multitude of questions. Chief among them, however, is one that has been at the back of my mind since I started writing for this blog: why are baby bags so often patterned?

My status as a childless woman probably means that there are a few finer points to baby bag choice that I don’t entirely understand, but as best as I can surmise, a pattern provides two possible conveniences: first, some types of pattern hide wear pretty well. Second, the prissy pink paisleys that usually characterize baby bags announce to the world that the owner does, in fact, have a child. Although I think that they baby they’re likely also carrying should be enough to make that clear. (more…)

Jimmy Choo Conti Snakeskin Shoulder Bag

Hey, Jimmy Choo. Listen and listen good. You’re trying too hard. (more…)

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