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Lauren Merkin Tatum Raffia Clutch

So we’ve already talked about what bag I would use during the day if my spontaneous trip to Puerto Rico is to pan out, but as a proud member of the Over 21 Club, I figure I’ll also be needing one for nighttime. I don’t know what my bar options will be, but if I know anything, I know where rum comes from…so I figure I’ll have a few places to choose from. And that’s what vacation is for, right? Right. I’ll need a clutch, and the beachiest one I can find is the Lauren Merkin Tatum Raffia Clutch. With no outer hardware, all you see is the geometric pattern of the woven straw, giving the bag an entirely tropical appearance. That doesn’t stop it from also being very tailored and structured, though, which is what reminds everyone that this isn’t just any plain straw bag. Not only did Lauren Merkin manage to use it to make the same shape that is normally made with leather, but she also managed to PLEAT it. I’m not sure how one even goes about pleating woven raffia, but I’d imagine it’s a delicate process to keep the straw from splitting. Overall, it’s just the right mix of glam and casual for a beach trip, and if I had my way, I’d be packing on in my suitcase tomorrow. Buy through Shop Bop for $275.