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lauren-merkin-quilted-edie-bag2I like to rant a lot about extra straps. I hate them, and if a designer insists on putting a second (or third) strap on a bag, I insist that they give me a way to remove it and correct their mistake. The only bags that I make an exception for are those like the Marc Jacobs Stam – it has a completely decorative chain strap that is mean to hang down and adorn the bag. Most extra-strap bags don’t fall into this category, though, and should have their extras promptly removed. Well, Lauren Merkin has heard my plight and taken things one step further – you can completely remove theLauren Merkin Quilted Edie Bag‘s only strap and turn the bag into an oversized, folded clutch. Huzzah! I actually think I’d like it better with an MJ-style chunky chain strap for some contrast against the leather, and I’d prefer it if the flap folded over a little but further, but two functional, attractive bags for the low, low price of one is a great deal, if you ask me. Buy through Shop Bop for $450.