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With New Year’s Eve quickly approaching I keep thinking about what wonderful clutch I am going to carry that night. For me, the kind of New Year’s Eve handbag I will carry is a no brainer – a clutch, obviously. However, what *kind* of clutch is a completely different story. Do I let my outfit do the talking and use a bit of an understated clutch or do I let my clutch do the talking and wear an outfit that is a little less flashy? I think the Lauren Merkin Eve Moon Rock Clutch is the perfect combination of the two. The shape and size of the clutch is perfect for a fun night out while the color is popping. And this gorgeous gold color is found not only on the outside of the clutch but also on the inside lining. There are definitely times where I go back and forth about if I should go with gold or silver. If you are more of a silver kind of person, check out the Lauren Merkin Eve Metallic Clutch for a similar option. But you know, the great thing about the Moon Rock Clutch, you can use it year round, not just for your New Year’s bash. Buy through Luna Boston for $200.