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Lauren Merkin Cecilia Glittery Bag….I’m confused. The name of this bag is the Lauren Merkin Cecilia Glittery Bag. Which would imply that it would be, you know, glittery. And maybe it’s my glasses, or my eyes themselves, but I just don’t see any glitter. Which means one of two things: the pictures are inaccurate, or the folks at Lauren Merkin used some used a heaping helping of restraint and good taste when deciding just how GLITTERY a big, soft hobo needs to be. Personally? I think it’s a little bit of both. A small bit of all-over shimmer can turn any bag slightly glam, but too much and it looks cheap, which this bag certainly does not. The leather looks super soft and has a great grain to it (head over to ShopBop and look at the closeup, which shows the grain but still no glitter). The thing that I find difficult about off-white bags during the summer is that I wear a great deal of non-off-white. And to me, wearing both simultaneously just makes the off-white look dirty, and that’s an issue. I much prefer the color during winter, when it can be worn as a contrast with darker colors. So I’m going to wait for this bag to go on sale, snap it up, and wear it during a season for which it was totally not meant. Buy through ShopBop for $575.