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It is barely fall in my neck of the woods. In fact, the high temperature yesterday was 85 and I wore flip flops to the mall. We’ve yet to experience our first cold snap in Atlanta, despite the fact that mid-October is approaching quickly, and already fashion wants me to start thinking about spring. I’m just not ready yet, but the beautiful color of the Bottega Veneta Large Lambskin Hobo provides plenty of distraction from my reticence.

As always with these types of bags, the key word in the name of the design is “lambskin.” Bottega’s is particularly wonderful, and in person, this bag is surely light as a feather. A very expensive, soft feather, but a feather nonetheless. (more…)

Back in 2006, Prada made lots of waves among handbag aficionados with their ruched Gaufré handbags. Rendered in super-supple lambskin, the design was a great example of how texture can be achieved through clever design, even within the sometimes austere Prada aesthetic. The bags were neutral but still interesting to look at, and the combination made them some of my favorites that the brand has ever produced.

Gaufré’s initial production run was only a few season, but now they’re back in new colors and shapes for Fall/Winter 2010. We’ve seen several “old favorites” from the past five years make a return to production in recent months, and this line is the only one whose return brings me any sort of genuine excitement. Are you excited for the Gaufré’s return?

From left to right: Available via Saks for $2195, $2195 and $2100.

See people, this is what I am talking about when I express how I feel that so many shoulder straps are unnecessary. The shoulder strap on the Olivia Harris Lambskin Round Sack Tote is not only unnecessary, it is also absolutely FUGLY. I know for a fact that I would have a much different opinion if say, the strap was the same color as the bag itself. However, a black bag with a tan shoulder strap just screams “handbag don’t” to me. (more…)

Ok, so “giant hip” is perhaps not the most positive set of words for most women, but stick with me here – this bag is worth it. I’ve been conducting a search for my perfect mini crossbody bag at a perfect price over on PurseBlog Savvy, and I think I know why I’ve not been able to find one that makes me want to settle down and have a family with it – my perfect minibag can’t be found at a perfect price.

I love the Balenciaga Giant Hip Crossbody Bag and none of you can stop me. It’s small, it’s brightly colored and I want to take it everywhere I go. It will only hold my keys, cards and Blackberry, but I guess I don’t really need anything other than that, do I? I mean, my sunglasses live on my head, not in my purse. I’m good to go. (more…)

I know that it might be the new thing right now, but I can just not get behind the whole “denim” trend. Whether it’s actual denim or leather treated to resemble it, I still sneer a bit, involuntarily, whenever I see or hear it mentioned. I don’t wear much denim, and blue isn’t exactly my go-to color (that would be black).

However, if I had to pick one of spring’s denim bags as my favorite so far, it would be the Olivia Harris Pillow Washed Lambskin Hobo. I’m hinging my choice heavily on the usage of the word “lambskin” in the bag’s title and the lovely shade of blue that the folks at Olivia Harris chose. (more…)

Once again, here is a perfect example of a bag that almost made it, but fell just a bit short. So close… yet so far away. I want to like this See by Chloe Ring Around Lambskin Shoulder Bag, I really do, but there are a couple things that continue to make me cringe.

As many of you know by now, I am a huge fan of the color blue. So, for the most part that means a blue handbag has won at least half of me over. But, once I get passed that, I find myself highly conflicted over this bag. (more…)

Has Treesje ever made a bag that I don’t like? I don’t think so. Not that I can recall off the top of my head, at least, and there are precious few brands that I can say that about.

Treesje Rebel Hobo is just another in a long line of successful bags. As a brand, they do a really top-notch job of picking strong colors and beautiful leathers, and then they let those two elements take the center stage through a lot of texturizing and leather finishing. They’re not the sort of bag that will look dated in a season or two, and there’s something quite appealing about that. (more…)

Donna Karan Sabre Shoulder Bag

Help me out with this one, folks. The Donna Karan Sabre Shoulder Bag is reminding me a lot of Gucci and I can’t quite figure out why. (more…)

Ooh, Botkier just said The Magic Word. Lambskin.

There are few things I love more. Using lambskin to make a big, black bag with some small, well-edited industrial details is one of the fastest ways to my heart.

And at a reasonable price? For a bag I’d carry every day? Just show me where I sign up. (more…)

We’ve been writing a lot about Olivia Harris lately, and it’s not for nothing, as they say. Conceived by Joy Gryson and named after her baby daughter, the bags in this line are a young-looking, lower priced alternative to her eponymous collection.

So far, the whole team at PurseBlog has been really impressed by them, and if they continue to make bags like the Olivia Harris Spider Lambskin Satchel, our opinion probably won’t change any time soon. (more…)

If you’ve never had one of Botkier‘s lambskin bags, you really should reevaluate your life choices up to this point. Lambskin is one of the most luxurious leathers out there, Botkier makes scads of bags in it, and they’re all reasonably priced and functional, not to mention stylish. So what are you waiting for?

If now’s the time for you to hop on board, may I suggest you begin with the Botkier Taylor Crossbody Bag. (more…)

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