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kotur-dabo-python-clutch1Shannon covered this handbag a little while back (click her to see her review). And although we don’t like to duplicate posts, sometimes you’ve got to make an exception to the rule, right? Well, I can’t decide if I really want the Kotur Dabo Python Clutch or if I just really wish I had someplace to wear an adorable little bag like that. Because it’s absolutely tiny. According to Singer 22, it’s 11.5 cm wide. And if I had paid more attention in school, I could tell you how many inches that is, but I didn’t, so we’re going to say it’s about 4 or 5. Now ladies, I have things attached to my keys that are longer than that, which means that this clutch is only for very SPECIAL occasions when your house and car keys are the last thing that you’re thinking about. A couple of those are coming up soon – first, the Oscars. Obviously I’m attending the Oscars, right? I’ve got my ball gown all picked out. For those of you that aren’t awesome enough to go to the Oscars (although I’m sure all of you reading this have picked out your ball gowns as well), it might be perfect for special Valentine’s Day plans – make your significant other keep track of anything too big to fit in your darling little purse. Buy through Singer 22 for $440.