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Early February is a bit of a weird time to be shopping. Most of the great sales have drawn to a close, but spring collections haven’t quite yet made their full thrust into stores and …

FRIDAY, FRIDAY, FRIDAY! (Go ahead, read it in the voice from a monster truck rally commercial. Go with me on this mental journey.) The best part of a short week like this is that you …

The line between inspiration and imitation is wafer thin in the fashion industry. Any time we post something about a bag that looks like another bag, no matter whether the post is positive or negative, …

If you like us on Facebook then you know we are giving away a pair of shoes and a bag from Kooba for spring. Because last week was so insanely hectic, I added some time to the giveaway to make sure everyone has a chance to enter that wants to. I will choose the winner tomorrow morning at 10 am EST so you have until then to enter if you haven’t already. Good luck and thank you to Kooba for sponsoring this giveaway! Click to find out how to enter!

For a season like Spring 2011, it’s hard to pick just one bag. Covetable trends in color, texture and print abound, and when a season comes along with so many good options, it’s tempting to …

Every time I start to look forward to spring, I start thinking about straw bags and whether or not this year will be the year I buy one. Since past actions are the best way to predict future behavior, I probably won’t, but you never know. I like the idea of high-end straw bags, particularly from brands that realize they shouldn’t be priced similarly to all-leather bags, and every now and then, I find a specific design that tickles my fancy.

The Kooba Rose Straw & Leather Tote is one such design, and my admiration for it mostly stems from the fact that it’s not particularly traditional. Sure, it’s straw, but it’s not obsessed with the fact that it’s straw. The color isn’t one of the super natural or beachy-bright tones that woven bags usually sport, and it’s got enough leather to justify a bit of a price tag. (more…)

Depending on who you are, backpacks might be kind of a tough sell. They’re purposefully boyish and perhaps a bit infantilizing, but if you’ve got an edgy personal style and lots of confidence, they can look utilitarian-chic in all the right ways. Having a backpack option as luxe as the Kooba Griffin Drawstring Tote absolutely makes pulling off the look much easier.

Kooba seems to be try to avoid the “backpack” stigma by not using that word to describe this bag, but there’s no getting around exactly what we see in this photo. It’s a backpack, and there’s nothing wrong with that, particularly when you’re spending the day shopping or strolling and you don’t want to have to deal with a regular purse on your arm. (more…)

Sometimes, a bag manages to hit all of the right notes on the way to momentary brilliance. Kooba has found its handbag sweet spot recently, first with the beautiful bicolor Kooba Kelsi Satchel, and now with very on-trend Kooba Montroe Tote.

Colored suede, khaki tones and military aesthetics are all very important looks for fall, and Kooba manages to roll all three into one without making the bag look like an over-designed, over-thought fad piece. Combining strong trends in a simple, thoughtful way can be extremely difficult, but the people behind Kooba have pulled it off with considerable aplomb. (more…)

For a season or two, things were perilously quiet from our friends at Kooba. Both Megs and I noticed a dearth of the brand’s bags at major retailers, and having been Kooba fans for quite a while, we were concerned. Well, we’re certainly not concerned any longer.

Fall 2010 has proved to be a great season to be a Kooba lover. Not only does their Kelsi Satchel practically teach a class on how to design a bicolor bag, but the Kooba Carter Satchel is a nice everyday bag at a reasonably price point. (more…)

A bicolor bag of significant size is a legitimately difficult thing to design well. Since the interplay between the colors is usually the main event, choosing the shades and how they’ll be placed is crucial and often makes or breaks a design. Most designers simply don’t manage to do it very well.

The Kooba Kelsi Satchel is the rare example of when two colors combine to create a very attractive bag. The lighter and darker shades of red are combined in a way that sort of reminds me of a 50s diner – whether you think that’s a good or bad thing will depend on your personal taste. (more…)

I don’t mean to jump the gun here, but does it seem to anyone else that art deco details are sort of being a Thing? We’ve seen some signs of it lately in Rebecca Minkoff’s most recent designs, and now the Kooba Sam Leather Grommet Bag is making me think that might not be a mistake.

From what I remember, we didn’t see too much 20s revival on the runways last season, but not all trends come directly from the top, particularly in accessories. As the old saying goes, two is a coincidence and three’s a trend, but I’d posit that it can’t be too long before we see more of the same. The 20s are one of the few decades that haven’t been mined for inspiration in the past few years, and I’m sure that designers will tire of the 60s and 70s soon enough. (more…)

I’m not much of a fan of denim. I have very little in my closet and I have very little patience for it in bag-form. Denim-look leather is a little bit better because at least it’s leather, but the look is not for me. From what I can tell, it’s not for most people that have commented on the various posts that have mentioned the trend.

I’m not going to rule out the possibility that it can be pulled off by someone out there, however, which is why I’m going to try to not say too many negative things about the Kooba Lana Denim Tote. My initial reaction was thoroughly negative, but I think that there might be something interesting here for someone with a thoroughly bohemian personal style. (more…)