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Kooba Talia Shoulder BagI think for me, today is all about color. There are days when I find myself gravitating towards black or neutrals and then other days when I find myself craving color. The Kooba Talia Shoulder Bag definitely fills my crave. Yes, the first thing I noticed was the bright pink (the bag also comes in an electric yellow) color. But then, as I kept looking, I found myself falling in love with the shape of this handbag. True, the shape isn’t anything too far out there, but it is slightly different than most shoulder bags on the market. I love how the soft pleated leather works well with the triangle rind hardware. Come to think of it, it isn’t that often you see triangle hardware, perhaps that is one of the things I like the most. See, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel – just a tweak here or there can make all the difference. Kooba tends to put out handbags I like and this one is no exception. Buy through Saks for $625.