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Personally, I am a fan of metallic handbags. There is something edgy, chic and downright eye catching about metallic handbags. The Kooba Gemma Tote is no exception. I’ve had my eye on this handbag for a little while now and I thought it was high time to write about it. The rose gold metallic leather tote has the right combination of girlie and edgy. Hinge detailing and the buckle strap work well together. Kooba puts together some really great totes. There is always plenty of room to store what you need to without the bag seeming too bulky or awkward. I am all for large totes, but not when they are so large they become a burden to carry. I hate walking around and having my bag bump into my surroundings. This tote is a great size. I think the only thing I worry about is if the color will become outdated too quickly. What do you think? Buy through Bluefly for $328.95.

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