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Kooba Blair BagYou know what the Kooba Blair Bag reminds me of? Marisa Tomei’s Oscar dress. Versace‘s dove grey origami extravaganza was a site to behold and probably the dress with the most mixed reviews of the night. Everyone either loved it or hated it, there was very little middle ground, and I absolutely loved it. The construction of the dress was flawless and detailed, and it had fashion tongues wagging about whether or not we were seeing an origami trend emerging. Well, if this and several other of Kooba‘s Spring 2009 bags are any indication, that may indeed be what we’re seeing.

The Blair bag is definitely more tailored and structured than the average hobo, but it would be impossible to do an origami reference without a good bit of structure. My favorite part is the shoulder strap – it’s quite sculptural and stiff in real life and holds its shape very well, but surprisingly, it still felt fine on my shoulder. The bag makes a statement, and it’s different than a lot of what I’ve seen out there, although I think we’ll be seeing more bags of a similar theme from other designers in the future. I was also a big fan of the color in person – it’s the only bag I’ve seen so far this season that, despite being very light in color, is not a pastel and would look good when worn with white. Most non-white light bags kind of clash with white, but I think this has enough blue undertones to go with it perfectly. Buy through ShopBop for $675.