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Our friend’s at Ruelala are giving you a first look at the upcoming Kooba boutique which goes live later today. Kooba bags are known for their beautiful leathers and extremely wearable designs. Another major plus is the price point. Kooba falls into the contemporary designer category but their bags never disappoint and the materials used are always high quality.

If you are still looking for the perfect gift for someone special, a Kooba bag may be just the item. Vivacious colors, supple leathers, and chic designs means that these Kooba bags work for your college daughter or fun-loving mom.

We are big fans of Kooba and Ruelala here at PurseBlog, so don’t miss out on this amazing sale!

Kooba does particularly well by producing bags that are useful, functional, and chic in the most simple of ways. They always experiment with the lines on their handbags, whether they’re diagonal or vertical, thin, thick, or fluted. This Kooba Millie Vertical Shopper is probably the best example of that- the lines of the bag take center stage.

Rather than relying on studs or heavy hardware to make a spring statement, this shopper goes back to what classically makes a spring bag: the color. The vibrant turquoise is all you need to know that this bag is made for the days of beach balls and ice cream trucks. (more…)

When I first laid eyes on this Kooba bag I thought to myself ‘perfect’. From the large drop on the shoulder strap, to the cross-bag belt, to the rich leather, the Kooba Ricky Hobo hits all the right marks in my book. (more…)

Sienna MillerYes, I’ve said it before, I love celebrity gossip. It really is a guilty pleasure of mine. I don’t know why, but as soon as I open a celeb infused magazine or type in a celeb heavy site, I am fixated. It’s not that I am trying to emulate one celebrity or another, but I love to see where they go, what they wear and who they are hanging out with. I can’t help it. And to be honest, I know many of you sitting there reading this feel the same way. Whether you openly admit it or feel some sort of shame admitting it, so many of us love celeb gossip! Today I came across some very interesting images of Sienna Miller. Many view her as a fashion icon or at least someone who keeps up, if not sets, trends. She could be in rainy London, sunny LA, or fast-paced NYC and she is always photographed and her clothes almost always commented on. Today is nothing different. A red cape? Really, Sienna? I realize she is in London, and it is probably frigid, but the Little-Red-Riding-Hood-look makes me go “hmmmm”. I can’t decide if it is fashionable or a fashion faux-pas. (more…)

Kooba RyderOh how this brand holds such a special place in my heart. A Kooba bag was one of my very first designer handbag after all. As we gear up for Valentine’s Day, Kooba’s founder, creative director, and recent interviewee, Abbe Held, sheds a little Valentine’s Day insight.

Go out or stay in on Valentine’s Day? I definitely prefer staying in… it’s one of my daughters’ favorite holidays. They will never give up the opportunity to eat sweets!

Which would you prefer on Valentine’s Day, chocolate or flowers? Neither! A Thai Massage is sounding really good to me now. But, if I had to pick one of these two options, it’s definitely dark chocolate. (more…)

Kooba Bailey ClutchI’m on a Kooba kick right now. From time to time, I find myself coming across several different handbags all from the same brand that I have to share. The Kooba Bailey Clutch is a fabulous clutch that can be worn with several different outfits to several different events. At first, I wasn’t sure how I felt about the patent leather, but as I kept looking I found myself liking it a bit more. The soft, smooth red patent leather is used with this geometric inspired envelope clutch. Silvertone metal trim ads a chic, edgy aspect to the clutch. And although I tend not to use a shoulder strap with a clutch, this chain shoulder strap might actually come into use. But, what I like the most is how versatile this handbag is. As I sit here typing, I can already imagine the outfits I would pair this clutch with. Buy through Saks for $395.

Personally, I am a fan of metallic handbags. There is something edgy, chic and downright eye catching about metallic handbags. The Kooba Gemma Tote is no exception. I’ve had my eye on this handbag for a little while now and I thought it was high time to write about it. The rose gold metallic leather tote has the right combination of girlie and edgy. Hinge detailing and the buckle strap work well together. Kooba puts together some really great totes. There is always plenty of room to store what you need to without the bag seeming too bulky or awkward. I am all for large totes, but not when they are so large they become a burden to carry. I hate walking around and having my bag bump into my surroundings. This tote is a great size. I think the only thing I worry about is if the color will become outdated too quickly. What do you think? Buy through Bluefly for $328.95.

Oh, and speaking of Kooba, make sure you check out the Kooba Blake handbag today over at Purse Blog. It is day 5 of our 12 Days of Handbag Giveaways and you can enter to win!

Shannon brought you all a little insight behind Kooba a couple weeks ago with 5 questions for Abbe Held, Kooba’s creative director. Vlad and I spent time with Abbe Held in her NYC showroom last week getting to know more about her and the Kooba line. The fun-hearted mother of two spends her weekdays designing some of the hottest bags in the market and her weekends dancing in the kitchen with her two daughters and husband on pancake Sunday. Her bags are crafted beautifully with a practical feel and an edgy touch. We loved getting to know one of the leading women behind Kooba and hope you do as well.

Read the entire Kooba interview here!

I think it should be clear by now: Kooba is a brand that keeps my attention despite making at least a couple of missteps per season. I’ve already written about one Kooba bag I loved and one bag I hated for their fall collection, and I’m about to write about yet another one: the Kooba Halle in red (also available in black and brown, but you know me…).

So do I love this one, or hate it? This one, I LOVE. Well, I love it without the chain. The chain is kinda awkward, right? But I love the color (the red leather is really saturated and bright, unlike a lot of red bags), I love Kooba’s super-soft signature leather, and I love that the flap is asymmetrical and with an unexpected zipper for emphasis.

Kooba went through a weird phase for a few seasons where their bags got increasingly more expensive, and I felt like they were pricing themselves out of their market a bit – their bags weren’t selling at nearly $700 for a regular-sized purse, so their stuff was continuously in the sale section. This last season, though, was a bit of a change – most of their really popular bags seemed to be in the $500-$600 range, and a lot of them never made it to the sale sections of our favorite shopping websites.

This season seems to be a continuation of that trend – the Halle, a perfect everyday bag, is a mere $495. I can personally attest – for the quality of leather that I’ve had in my previous Kooba bags, that’s a steal. Buy through Shop Bop for $495.

You know, sometimes I find myself wondering which celeb might sport the bags I like. Sure, peruse any gossip magazine, celeb sighting site or a variety of other sources and you will see exactly who is carrying what and when. But I still look at some bags and think, “you know what, I could really see so and so carrying this”. Either way, I can see tons of people (famous or not) carrying the Kooba Ashley Shoulder Satchel. To me, the bag is so multipurpose. Sometimes I try and justify a purpose by telling myself I can use the bag with so many outfits, so many different occasions, bla bla bla. But, with this bag, I know it is true. Plus, it doesn’t look seasonal; it can be used from season to season without anyone thinking twice about it.

The details about the handbag are awesome as well. Although the bag is made out of soft, slouchy Italian leather, the bag doesn’t lose its shape. The way the leather is cinched down the center gives the bag character and draws the eye towards the buckle and stud details. I love sturdy handles and this bag appears to have them. The bag has a zip closure, an inside large zipper, pen, cell phone and open pocket and is accented with a dog leash for keys. Honestly, I might not waste much time and treat myself to this bag ASAP! But back to my first thoughts, which celebs could you see carrying this bag? Buy through Saks for $625.

As I’ve mentioned previously, possibly more than once (ok, so, maybe a lot more than once), I normally find brown bags completely objectionable. I don’t have a brown-friendly wardrobe, I don’t find it to be a particularly modern shade, and sometimes I feel like it’s a cop-out for people that don’t have the guts to buy a real color. I’m also a big proponent of brights as neutrals, and the bag I’ve carried every day for the past couple of weeks can be referred to as nothing less than VIOLET. In all caps. It’s that purple.

But today, I was inspired by Megs posting a beautiful Burberry bag that just so happened to be brown, and I decided to take a look around the Internet and see if I could find a bag to inspire me as well. I was dubious, and I anticipated writing a post about how there are absolutely NO good brown bags out there, but, as happens from time to time, I was wrong. (more…)

kooba ashley
Kooba Ashley in Metallic Silver Python

Ever see a bag (or anything, I guess) and immediately think “Oh my God, that is GORGEOUS” and then, after you get yourself all excited and paw at it for a few seconds, realize, “Wait…something isn’t right.”

That’s what happened to me last weekend when I encountered the Kooba Ashley at Bloomingdales in Lenox Square Atlanta. I have a soft spot for Kooba since the Kooba Meredith in Slate from Fall/Winter ’07 is my favorite handbag of all time. I also think that pewter is the classiest metallic out there, and the Kooba Ashley’s most striking finish is a dark silver faux python. So, this bag should be practically made for me, right? Have the handbag gods been listening to all of my silent prayers? That’s what I thought, too. (more…)