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We’ve been seeing a lot of studs and as Shopbop puts it, “rocker details” on the site lately. And I have to admit, I’ve been a little iffy on the whole concept. I mean, huge studs on bags? For me, I think of the extra weight I’d have to carry, not to mention that it might look a little ridiculous for a petite person like me to carry a big bag with big studs in broad daylight, no less. But the Kettle Black Big Stud Clutch has changed me. Well, slightly.

Kettle Black Big Stud Clutch

Its studs are smaller, daintier, and though it is clearly a nighttime clutch, the effect is airy and sophisticated. I do think you could pull it off with some light-wash or ripped jeans in they daytime for a more punk look, however. The only Kettle Black clutch we’ve reviewed on Purse Blog Savvy is the New Clutch with White Studs, which, though it does sport some studs, is pretty much the opposite from this raven beauty. White, black, clutch, wristlet; It just goes to show that Kettle Black has some versatility within their affinity for studs. Buy through ShopBop for $306.60 on sale.