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Yes, that is right, this is a fanny pack. Didn’t we vow to never wear fanny packs again? I mean, I am pretty sure that I promised myself and made friends and family members also promise to never wear another fanny pack. But, are there exceptions to this rule?

My gut says no, but my inquisitive side wants to delve a little deeper. By no means do I go out searching for fanny packs, but when I came across this one today at Shopbop, I obviously had to share this with you all. (more…)

Kettle Black Distressed BagSomewhere, there’s a line between “pleasantly distressed” and “dirty-looking.” The Kettle Black Distressed Bag is so far on the wrong side of this line that its designer doesn’t appear to have any idea that that line exists, let alone where it might reside. The pre-used appearance of this bag is entirely beyond the pale; it’s one thing to want a bag to look a bit broken in, but this looks like a car ran over it.

In general, the hippie trend loses me when things start looking dirty, as this bag does – did someone dip it in a mud vat at the local spa? I had a pair of suede moccasins several years ago that my parents’ bulldog got ahold of and chewed up during a visit home, and the end result, after all the dog saliva had dried, was sort of similar-looking. And I guess that if that’s your look, then more power to you, but why in the world would anyone spend so much for something that looks so completely and totally wrecked? This bag looks like it was rode hard and put away wet. Buy through ShopBop for $528.

Kettle Black New Clutch with White StudsI love, love, love, love, love the Kettle Black New Clutch with White Studs. LOVE. I have no idea who this brand is, but ShopBop apparently just started carrying them, and I’m officially judging that to be a Good Choice on their part. Their selection of the brand’s good seems limited right now, and this cute little clutch is by far my favorite. I’m a girly girl, but not in the traditional sense – I don’t like things that are TOO pretty. I prefer things that are slightly off, slightly messed up, or slightly imperfect, and this clutch mixes the worlds of the girly with the edgy perfectly.

As far as girliness goes, it’s crisp white, which is perfect for summer outfits of almost any kind. It looks big enough to hold the essential but small enough that you can just use the wrist strap to hang it from your arm and not worry about losing it. What I love most, though, is the juxtaposition of the rows of tough, metal studs painted white against the girly whiteness and the utter femininity of a clutch in the first place. It’s simultaneously both a bit twee and a bit punk, just like yours truly. And the price ain’t half bad either. Buy through ShopBop for $220.