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Kenneth Cole Reaction Easy As Pie Large Satchel

You know what’s really odd? I have absolutely nothing to complain about with this bag. I don’t adore it or anything, but whoever designed it did a good job making the Kenneth Cole Reaction Easy As Pie Large Satchel completely unoffensive and non-objectionable. It’s an easy-to-match, if slightly bland, color. It has shoulder straps that are clearly long enough to server their intended purpose, and since they’re not rolled, they might actually be comfortable and/or not fall completely off. The leather looks really nice – soft and smooth – while still being thick enough to give a bit of structure to the tote (I have no idea why they’re calling it a satchel, it ain’t). It’s got both exterior and interior pockets and the lining is light, meaning that I might actually be able to find my sunglasses for once. And might it be big enough to hold a small laptop? It just might. But it doesn’t LOOK like a laptop bags, and most bags big enough to hold one end up really, really looking like that’s exactly what they’re meant to do. And the price? A completely reasonable $222. I’m not blown away, but I’m certainly impressed. Buy through Zappos for $222.