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In a world where reality TV “celebrities” constantly complain about how they’re edited, I had no idea what to expect when I went to see Kelly Cutrone speak and sign her best-selling book, If You Have to Cry, Go Outside, in Atlanta last Wednesday. When I got there, I was pleasantly surprised: not only is Kelly Cutrone exactly the same in person as she is on TV, but she’s also generous with her cupcakes. (more…)

Oh, Kell on Earth. We hardly knew ye. Last night was the season finale of everyone’s favorite fashion PR reality show, and unlike the cheap dramatic ploys used by shows that we all love to hate (Real Housewives, I’m looking at you), the finale focused on the cast members doing their jobs and how much Kelly Cutrone’s employees love and appreciate their boss.

If you had told me before this show started that it was going to be about likable people doing their everyday jobs, I would have told you that it would never work – reality television needs to give its viewers a good dose of schadenfreude or everyone gets bored. Somehow, though, Cutrone & Co. pulled it off. The show made me want to move to New York, work at People’s Revolution, and buy a DKNY Cozy sweater (although that last part is just a side effect of Monday night’s episode and not the series as a whole). (more…)

In the grand tradition of Bravo reality shows, the penultimate episode of Kell on Earth was fairly reasonable, and we can only hope that it’s the calm before the grand finale storm. Don’t get me wrong – stuff happened, but it wasn’t so much a plot as a succession of events, one not necessarily causing the next. There’s always one episode like that in every season, and last night’s episode filled that gap for our girls (and guys) at People’s Revolution.

The show was a little about Skinner’s lack of a life, a little about how the fashion industry tanked with the economy, a little about how people want something for nothing, and a little more about the omnipresent themes of office politics and Kelly’s unending quirks and awesomeness. It was like the season was condensed into an hour-long nutshell, except without actual stories. But I didn’t mind – it seemed like one of the most personal episodes yet.


I hate to break it to my wonderful coworkers here at PurseBlog, but I think that I want to work at People’s Revolution. As long as I get paid more than Tandrew, that is. That’s an important stipulation, write that one down. Although it seems like his job is open…

This week’s episode of Kell on Earth was filled with more of the strangely fascinating fashion minutiae that everyone has come to know and love, plus an Addams Family dinner party, a Versace chair, jaunty little hats, Ava in her mom’s sparkly heels, and lots more office-wide wingman action in an attempt to get a member of the staff laid. When have Megs and Vlad ever done that for me, huh?!?! That’s what I call a job with perks.

But wait…weren’t the police supposed to be called last night? Didn’t we see a panicking Kelly and an NYPD cruiser in the previews all week? I’m suddenly feeling a bit cheated, and no explanation is forthcoming from the People’s Rev team on why the footage was cut (I asked them on Twitter and actually felt like a reporter for a second.) (more…)

Programming note: We didn’t forget about Gossip Girl! Our recap of the show’s triumphant return to the airwaves will appear tomorrow, and every week on Wednesdays until Kell On Earth has its finale.

Let’s get one thing out of the way right now: Kelly Cutrone’s baby daddy is HAWT. I’m not a big fan of trendy spelling, but the normative spelling of the word doesn’t just quite have the feel that I’m going after, and this is a sentiment that needs to be communicated correctly.

Beyond hot foreigners, however, this episode of Kell on Earth had a lot to offer us: a Flintstones fashion show, a trip to an “adult” toy store to buy supplies for her employees (and for her doctor’s receptionist, for some reason), the most awkward gay blind date in the history of humanity, a nearly apocalyptic tequila shortage, and Kelly Cutrone wearing makeup. The last one is obviously the most shocking, and that’s why this show is great. (more…)

How do I even explain how much I love Kell on Earth? I don’t know where to start. I’ve seen a handful of episodes and I already feel like I know these people – I want to sit around the office with them, spontaneously switching into my PJs and drinking coffee all day, although I’m not sure exactly why, since it seems like a panic attack waiting to happen. As best as I can tell, it’s because unlike the vast majority of over-staged and over-written reality shows (yes, most reality shows employ writers), the fashionistas that work at People’s Revolution seem like they’re not just glossy television characters.

This week, Kelly Cutrone & Co. dealt with more diva designers, inappropriately young male models, Kelly’s adorable daughter, a lingerie fashion show, and Stephanie Vorhees’s continued issues with the theory and implementation of stamps. (more…)

I’ve found a new way to tell the difference between the Stephanies! It’s only the second episode of Kell on Earth and I’ve already figured it out, I’m so proud of myself. Really, it’s very simple: there’s a smart one and a dumb one.

Looking back, this should have been more obvious to me in the first episode, but you can only learn so much about an office full of people in the first sixty minutes. Last night’s show, though, was basically A Tale of Two Stephanies: one of them works hard and wants to get everything right and feels terrible when she screws up. That’s the one that we like. Then there’s the other one, the one that looks like she’s probably from California, and increasingly looks like she might be headed back there. She can’t even delegate correctly, and when something goes wrong, all she does is complain. Andrew, the gay/goth/glam assistant in the one-shouldered top, is not amused with her, and neither am I. (more…)

If you’re a pop culture obsessive like I am, you’ve probably heard The Theory of the First Season. If not, it goes something like this: in any reality show, the first season is the only one that’s pure. There are a variety of reasons that that’s usually the case, but mostly it’s because the people that populate the show’s universe haven’t seen themselves played back in HD yet. Instead of performing the roles that have developed for them over time, they’re just flailing about, being mostly themselves. Which is exactly what we got on the series debut of Kell on Earth last night.

If you really love fashion – and not just pretty things, but fashion – you need it be watching Kelly Cutrone‘s show. For the first episode, Bravo dropped us behind enemy lines at New York Fashion Week to watch while the people of People’s Revolution fought a famous hooker, the office computer system, each other, and the always-ticking clock in an attempt to pull off not one, but two fashion shows. (more…)

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