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Kate Spade Sullivan St. Sybelia Flap BagNow, this is a shade of green that pops! I’ve never been to Ireland, but I have seen pictures. This is the shade of green I imagine everywhere I look, and I like it. Yet, the color might be the only thing I like about the Kate Spade Sullivan St. Sybelia Flap Bag. I am sure there are plenty of you who are going to disagree with me on this. I imagine that this is one of those handbags where either you love it or you hate it, with a sprinkling of maybes. To me, the bag looks dated. I don’t think there is a wide range when it comes to the age groups that would likely carry this bag. That’s ok, but again, I am stuck on how I think it looks dated. The ivory-hued chain strap and goldtone turnlock might be a little too much for the otherwise simple and delicate handbag. Although it is a no-go for me, it doesn’t have to be a no-go for you! Buy through Nordstrom for $425.