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Kara Ross Mia Lizard-Trimmed Cork Clutch

When evaluating high-end handbags, there are a lot of materials to consider. Designers make purses out of everything from linen and nylon to crocodile and python, and the workmanship and price points vary wildly. Until now, however, I had never had to evaluate an expensive bag made of cork. But that’s exactly what the Kara Ross Mia Lizard-Trimmed Cork Clutch is, so here goes nothing. (more…)

This is a gorgeous clutch. It is as simple as that. I love clutches that are sleek, sophisticated and elegant. The Kara Ross Gemma C Clutch embodies all of these things. When I look in my closet, most of the clutches I own are a little more edgy and less sleek. I think it is time to switch things up a bit. Especially with the Holiday Season right around the corner, we all could use a classy clutch for a dinner or holiday party. (more…)

I mentioned earlier today on Purse Blog Savvy that I spent this past weekend in Vegas. I am going to sum up my trip by simply saying I love it there. There is always so much to see and to do that you really might get home needing another vacation. But more importantly, I couldn’t stop myself from staring at the beautiful handbags being carried around. In fact, I can’t believe how much a handbag can say about someone. This leads me to Kate Beckinsale. It seems as though every time I see an image of her at an event or just hanging out, she looks amazingly flawless. This time is no exception. Kate was seen wearing the Kara Ross Luxus Clutch to the STARS 2008 Benefit Gala last week.

Kara Ross has always been known for her use of impeccable exotic skins and precious stones. Clearly, she hit the nail on the head with this clutch. The white python skin and tigers eye stone pair together as well as the clutch does with Kate – flawless. Before I found a true appreciation for exotics, I would have told you snakeskin reminds me of my brother’s cowboy boots he used to wear with his superman costume or maybe a cheesy ’80s music video. Obviously this is not the case here. This is the kind of clutch that can be just as fabulous worn at a red carpet event as it is paired with a simple outfit you wear to grab a few cocktails. Plus, I simply love the femininity of the clutch. Kara Ross did a killer job here. But guess what, I don’t even need to search high and low to find the same look at a much cheaper price because you can buy this clutch through Bergdorf Goodman for $655.

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Kara Ross Levis

Resort handbags are one of my favorite lines to shop. It is most likely because Vlad and I live where many people vacation. Sure, Fort Lauderdale is quite hot right now, but the ocean breeze, blue skies, and warm weather keeps me here. Resort handbags are made for those that vacation or live in the right places with the right climate. When I lived in Ohio, a chic resort bag would be great for about one month, but I would still stand out. And as much as I like garnering attention, I do not crave the spotlight either. This is why I am rejoicing that I live in Florida and can easily wear the Kara Ross Levis Bag designed with a cork body and purple ostrich accents and handles. Kara Ross handbags have continued amaze me. Sure, I like a great black handbag, but I live 40 minutes from South Beach, I can work with the pizazz. In fact, I need more of it in my life! But this handbag by Kara Ross is not outlandish, in fact it is subdued, yet captivating. (more…)

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