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Juicy Couture Queen Anne Clutch

Say what you want about Juicy Couture. They make their fair share of missteps, and they’ve produced some truly horrendous bags in the past. They don’t always get it right, which is the case with a lot of young brands. One thing I do know, though, is that occasionally they make something really interesting or really pretty, and it’s always a pleasant surprise. Another thing that I know is that the Juicy Couture Queen Anne Clutch looks way more expensive than it is. I could see Gucci or Dior making something similar (the hardware is reminiscent, don’t you think?) and charging four or five times as much for it, and people would gladly buy it. So consider, for a second, ignoring the branding and looking at this bag for what it is – a beautiful, functional clutch with beautiful-but-subtle details that you’ll use for a long time. Buy through eLuxury for $228.