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Juicy Couture Plaid Towel SlingIt’s Spring Break in the college town I live in, and I was sure that my limited budget meant I’d have to be spending my time at home. So imagine my surprise when today, yours truly got an offer for a spontaneous, basically free trip to Puerto Rico for the last half of the week. It’s a long story, but an old roommate of mine has an extra ticket and assures me that I’ll be able to work from the hotel at night, so as long as she can get the name on the reservation changed, off I go with her! I’ve never been to Puerto Rico, and the last time I spent any kind of significant time on the beach…well, I think it was sometime circa 2003. But an offer like that is impossible to refuse, so my mind is reeling trying to think of what I’d pack, should things work out in my favor.

One thing I know I don’t have is a water-and-sand-friendly bag, and the Juicy Couture Plaid Towel Sling caught my eye immediately. The bag itself is a cheerfully bright cotton-linen blend that would take well to being thrown around on the beach – the material would dry quickly and the plaid pattern would cover any stains or spots. Plus, the folks at Juicy Couture have been thinking one step ahead of me – the bag already comes with a screen-printed beach towel, trimmed in the same plaid as the bag. I don’t know if I’ll be able to take this to Puerto Rico, or if I’ll even get to go, but this might be a great option for anyone that has yet to depart for their own spring trip. Buy through Nordstrom for $85.