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Juicy Couture Kennedy Tassel HoboI like the Juicy Couture Kennedy Tassel Hobo, but in kind of a vague way. I don’t dislike it. And there is sort of a low-level attractiveness to it, don’t you think? It’s white, which is nice. It’s particularly nice on a day when it’s 43 degrees and raining in Georgia, although it was 84 and sunny a week ago (and 30 degrees and snowing 7 inches a week before that, but I digress), since a crisp white bag (or dress, or skirt, or anything, really) in the “new arrivals” section of any website always means that warm weather will be here and staying very soon. I like the chain and the tassels quite a bit, since they give a bit of an edge to a bag that would otherwise just be a regular hobo. But is something about this bag reading “Coach” to anyone else? I can’t find a picture of the bag that I’m thinking about, so if you are seeing what I’m seeing, help me out, but there is SOMETHING that keeps bugging me about this bag. At any rate, it’s an understated and versatile bag that would be great for everyday use in summer, and the price isn’t bad (although I wish it was lower). Buy through Saks for $428.