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Last night the Juicy Couture Bags & Bubbly event I hosted took place at the Juicy Couture 5th Ave store. Let me start by telling you how different the Juicy handbag line is from what I usually expected from the brand. And let me also tell you how incredibly nice the Juicy Couture team was!


Juicy Couture No Drama HoboUgh, punch me in the face, I hate this. In fact, I hate the Juicy Couture No Drama Hobo so much that I’ve spent several days contemplating it, trying to think of ways to most accurately explain just exactly how much this thing irritates me. I hate embroidered things in general – they very often look cheap and hippie, and not in a cool boho way. I hate embroidered flowers in particular, since they often look like unfortunate ripoffs of something that actually has ethnic or cultural significance, and turning that into a Juicy Couture handbag is just annoying. It also has the brand’s name emblazoned on it, because of course it does, because that’s what they do. The handle and the way it attached to the bag look flimsy, and the overall effect of the entire bag is decidedly not high-end. I don’t know what they were thinking with this one, because Juicy has made some bags that I don’t hate lately, but this is at least two steps back in their march to becoming a respectable handbag brand. Buy through Saks for $188.

Juicy Couture Kennedy Tassel HoboI like the Juicy Couture Kennedy Tassel Hobo, but in kind of a vague way. I don’t dislike it. And there is sort of a low-level attractiveness to it, don’t you think? It’s white, which is nice. It’s particularly nice on a day when it’s 43 degrees and raining in Georgia, although it was 84 and sunny a week ago (and 30 degrees and snowing 7 inches a week before that, but I digress), since a crisp white bag (or dress, or skirt, or anything, really) in the “new arrivals” section of any website always means that warm weather will be here and staying very soon. I like the chain and the tassels quite a bit, since they give a bit of an edge to a bag that would otherwise just be a regular hobo. But is something about this bag reading “Coach” to anyone else? I can’t find a picture of the bag that I’m thinking about, so if you are seeing what I’m seeing, help me out, but there is SOMETHING that keeps bugging me about this bag. At any rate, it’s an understated and versatile bag that would be great for everyday use in summer, and the price isn’t bad (although I wish it was lower). Buy through Saks for $428.

Juicy Couture Plaid Towel SlingIt’s Spring Break in the college town I live in, and I was sure that my limited budget meant I’d have to be spending my time at home. So imagine my surprise when today, yours truly got an offer for a spontaneous, basically free trip to Puerto Rico for the last half of the week. It’s a long story, but an old roommate of mine has an extra ticket and assures me that I’ll be able to work from the hotel at night, so as long as she can get the name on the reservation changed, off I go with her! I’ve never been to Puerto Rico, and the last time I spent any kind of significant time on the beach…well, I think it was sometime circa 2003. But an offer like that is impossible to refuse, so my mind is reeling trying to think of what I’d pack, should things work out in my favor.

One thing I know I don’t have is a water-and-sand-friendly bag, and the Juicy Couture Plaid Towel Sling caught my eye immediately. The bag itself is a cheerfully bright cotton-linen blend that would take well to being thrown around on the beach – the material would dry quickly and the plaid pattern would cover any stains or spots. Plus, the folks at Juicy Couture have been thinking one step ahead of me – the bag already comes with a screen-printed beach towel, trimmed in the same plaid as the bag. I don’t know if I’ll be able to take this to Puerto Rico, or if I’ll even get to go, but this might be a great option for anyone that has yet to depart for their own spring trip. Buy through Nordstrom for $85.

Juicy Couture Queen Anne Clutch

Say what you want about Juicy Couture. They make their fair share of missteps, and they’ve produced some truly horrendous bags in the past. They don’t always get it right, which is the case with a lot of young brands. One thing I do know, though, is that occasionally they make something really interesting or really pretty, and it’s always a pleasant surprise. Another thing that I know is that the Juicy Couture Queen Anne Clutch looks way more expensive than it is. I could see Gucci or Dior making something similar (the hardware is reminiscent, don’t you think?) and charging four or five times as much for it, and people would gladly buy it. So consider, for a second, ignoring the branding and looking at this bag for what it is – a beautiful, functional clutch with beautiful-but-subtle details that you’ll use for a long time. Buy through eLuxury for $228.

Juicy Couture Classic Leather HoboBack and forth and back and forth. That is truly how I feel when it comes to Juicy Couture Handbags. Most of the time I find myself hating the handbags that are put out. Usually, the bags are covered with logos and all sorts of over the top additions. Then, there are other times when I am shocked (in a good way) that the bag I am looking at is made by Juicy Couture. Take the Juicy Couture Classic Leather Hobo. I’m thinking I was still totally shocked that this bag wasn’t covered from top to bottom, side to side with some sort of logo. Instead, I saw soft leather, a nice shape, topstitching and basically a nice day to day bag. But, as I looked a little closer, I saw a mess attached to the bag – iconic Juciy charms. Luckily, it appears as those are detachable, which again, makes me happy. Buy through Saks for $378.

Juicy Couture Baby Fluffy Terry HandbagNow this is the Juciy Couture I know and hate. The Juicy Couture Baby Fluffy Terry Handbag simply has way too much going on. There is a good chance this all goes back to me being oh so over logos splashed all over handbags. I am all for the traditional and expect LV logo on some of their signature items but that is because although the logo can be seen everywhere, it is still a bit understated. Here, Juicy Couture being printed on the front and the back leaves absolutely no room for anything else on the bag. Or well, let me rephrase that, there is still room for an outrageously large heart-shaped mirror attached to the handbag. Brown leather handles hold the soft, shapeless bag together. Are you all with me here? If you are a logo kind of person, pick this handbag up through Saks for $188.

Juicy Couture put their name on the map with the infamous Juicy Couture Track Suit. I bet if you look in your closet you have at least one piece, I have many. The girls behind Juicy did not want to settle with the track suits and began to expand the brand, which has catapulted into the market and nudged itself in with many other established designers. The girls ventured into the handbag world, and while some of their bags were too juvenile and overdone, recently some Juicy Couture bags have been swoon-worthy. Some of our favorites at Purse Blog have been the Juicy Couture Narda Houndstooth Bag, Juicy Couture Slouch Leather Tote, and the Juicy Couture Icon California J Tote with Stars. The brand has been constantly changing, facing challenges and criticism, and making itself known for the younger and older crowd as a vying contender.

Now you have a chance to Meet the Juicy Girls! Juicy Couture founders Gela Nash-Taylor and Pamela Skaist-Levy will host a meet and greet for all Juicy lovers at their new Fifth Avenue flagship store in New York City this Saturday, November 8th. The duo will be signing postcards and giving away a limited quantity of “Viva La Juicy” tees to shoppers who spend over $200.

When: Saturday, November 8th 11AM – 1PM
Where: Juicy Couture Flagship, 650 Fifth Avenue (Cross street 52nd St)

Juicy Couture: I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that I’ve never been a *huge* fan. Now, don’t go and curse me and my opinions quite yet. Sure, there have been some cute handbags and clothes out there before, but I was usually turned off by the blatant logo flashing. We all have our own taste in fashion, but I don’t like wearing a shirt or carrying a bag that advertises itself. I took a couple Marketing/Advertising courses in college and I know how this all goes. I get the concept of brand marketing, but I never wanted to be a walking advertisement.

Yet, I still find myself checking out Juicy Couture from time to time. It was a breath of fresh air to look through the new handbags and not be overwhelmed by the Juicy Couture logo everywhere I looked. In fact, for once, I saw more handbags I was interested in than vice versa. (more…)

Hear me out on this one, folks. I know that Juicy Couture is not known for their amazing bags, but I think they’re on to something interesting with this one. The Narda Houndstooth Bag, to me at least, is somewhat of a rare bird. I spend such vast amount of time looking for handbags to write about that rarely does anything make me stop and go, “Wait…WHAT?” On first examination, the leather looks kind of randomly patchworked in black and brown (or in grey and ivory, which appears to not be available at the moment via Saks), sort of like any number of Miu Miu bags I’ve seen over the past few season. But then I read the name – and that’s where my “Wait…WHAT?” moment came – there’s a method to Juicy’s patchwork madness. Well, sort of, anyway. Maybe the pictures are just bad, but if you squint your eyes a bit, you can see it – the leather is actually pieced together to form an oversized houndstooth pattern. Brilliant…kind of. (more…)

juicy couture go green bag
Juicy Couture California Go Green Canvas Bag

Somehow it seems to be an oxymoron that a trend is saving the planet. Don’t we always want to save the planet? Breathe clean air? Eat hormone free food? Or maybe we don’t, hence we are in the position we are now. I love to see designers who offer eco-friendly bags. I just picked up a new favorite green bag which I will be sharing later. Today I ran into a great organic canvas bag, the Juicy Couture California Go Green Canvas Bag, which will work for a small grocery trip, the beach, or everyday carrier. I see many women who use their handbags as a triple threat, a do-it-all. The bag is made with organic canvas and sports a cute heart-shaped green logo on one side and double shoulder straps. There are two open pockets and dimensions are 20½”W X 17½”H X 1″D. Nothing to write home about, but with the green trend, the slow economy, and summer around the corner, this is an option. Buy through Saks for $75.