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Juicy Couture Gossip Hobo

I’ll go ahead and say this now: I’m not great fan of Juicy Couture. I don’t like wearing sweats out of the house, making their signature track suits well nigh useless in my wardrobe, and I’m definitely not a fan of the (mercifully dying) trend of wearing messages across one’s bum, a communication tool that their creators pioneered.

It seems, though, that with changing tastes and changing markets, Juicy Couture has started to get their grown-up act together a bit. I noticed some absolutely covetable coats in last year’s fall/winter collection, and I think their line of jewelry charms is darling. I admit all this begrudgingly: their heretofore unimpressive line of sweatpants and message tees makes me really want to continue to snark about them, but I’m now willing to admit that I may have to reevaluate my opinions. (more…)