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Juicy Couture Classic Leather HoboBack and forth and back and forth. That is truly how I feel when it comes to Juicy Couture Handbags. Most of the time I find myself hating the handbags that are put out. Usually, the bags are covered with logos and all sorts of over the top additions. Then, there are other times when I am shocked (in a good way) that the bag I am looking at is made by Juicy Couture. Take the Juicy Couture Classic Leather Hobo. I’m thinking I was still totally shocked that this bag wasn’t covered from top to bottom, side to side with some sort of logo. Instead, I saw soft leather, a nice shape, topstitching and basically a nice day to day bag. But, as I looked a little closer, I saw a mess attached to the bag – iconic Juciy charms. Luckily, it appears as those are detachable, which again, makes me happy. Buy through Saks for $378.