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Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start to summer, and this year I was lucky to spend mine in warm and sunny Las Vegas. It was Vlad’s and my first time to Vegas, so while …

Since I first laid eyes on the Juicy Couture Velvet Bow Bags from their Holiday Collection, I was enamored. Everything about the bag paired femininity with stylish appeal and I was in love. This is precisely how I knew Juicy Couture was making their way back into my handbag-loving-heart. After seeing the design trio sporting the velvet bow bags at the Juicy Couture Bags & Bubbly Wrap Up I co-hosted, I was even more set on this bag. The bag is an amazing price and such a fun design.

We had seen so much velvet when Fall/Winter 2010 collections were spotted on the runway and very few of the velvet bags seem to be making major appearances. I did however spot a 3.1 Phillip Lim Velvet bow bag with a very similar look to the Juicy Couture Bag. And with this pairing, we have a look for less. (more…)

Juicy Couture, once known only for its track suits and largely logo’d bags, is changing its handbag line in such a positive way that you’d be wrong to assume the brand can’t compete in the contemporary handbag market. After previewing Juicy’s holiday collection, I can honestly say that I adore the line.

If you are in or around NYC, join me and some designers from the Juicy Couture team for a Bags & Bubbly event and handbag trunk show. We will be at Juicy Couture on 5th Avenue and 52nd Street in NYC from 5-7 PM this Thursday, October 7th. Come browse the new handbag collection and drink champagne and eat sweets. Better yet, you can receive 20% off a full priced handbag purchase during this event. You don’t want to miss a great deal on an amazing line of handbags. We hope to see you there!

Juicy Couture Baby Fluffy Terry HandbagNow this is the Juciy Couture I know and hate. The Juicy Couture Baby Fluffy Terry Handbag simply has way too much going on. There is a good chance this all goes back to me being oh so over logos splashed all over handbags. I am all for the traditional and expect LV logo on some of their signature items but that is because although the logo can be seen everywhere, it is still a bit understated. Here, Juicy Couture being printed on the front and the back leaves absolutely no room for anything else on the bag. Or well, let me rephrase that, there is still room for an outrageously large heart-shaped mirror attached to the handbag. Brown leather handles hold the soft, shapeless bag together. Are you all with me here? If you are a logo kind of person, pick this handbag up through Saks for $188.

Juicy Couture Slouch Leather Tote

This past weekend was filled with craziness; first my birthday and second preparing for Hurricane Ike, which took a turn away from South Florida, so we are in the clear. But the weekend was great nonetheless and now we are back to work. I was talking about the pull away from super high end designer bags last week, and I am going with that today too. The fact of the matter is that many people are deciding to opt for ‘more affordable’ bags rather than the premiere designer bags. Do you fit into this category?

And while I have not been the kindest to Juicy Couture handbags in the past, I am pleasantly surprised by quite a few of their bags as of late. Now there is the Juicy Couture Slouch Leather Tote which is a large roomy and slouchy tote made with soft leather and minimal hardware. Simplicity is something that Juicy Couture struggles with at times, wanting to add their logo or emblem, but this bag flies under the radar quite nicely. Available in dusty power pink leather or black leather, the Slouch Leather Tote has pleating around the sides and a fastening at the top. The hardware does have the designer emblem embossed on it, but it does not garner too much attention. All in all, I really like this bag. Buy through Net A Porter for $525.

Juicy Couture Gossip Hobo

I’ll go ahead and say this now: I’m not great fan of Juicy Couture. I don’t like wearing sweats out of the house, making their signature track suits well nigh useless in my wardrobe, and I’m definitely not a fan of the (mercifully dying) trend of wearing messages across one’s bum, a communication tool that their creators pioneered.

It seems, though, that with changing tastes and changing markets, Juicy Couture has started to get their grown-up act together a bit. I noticed some absolutely covetable coats in last year’s fall/winter collection, and I think their line of jewelry charms is darling. I admit all this begrudgingly: their heretofore unimpressive line of sweatpants and message tees makes me really want to continue to snark about them, but I’m now willing to admit that I may have to reevaluate my opinions. (more…)

Juicy Couture Rock The Bag Leather Tote
Juicy Couture Rock The Bag Leather Tote

I will say it out loud, I have been very harsh on some Juicy Couture Bags before. Sometimes too harsh. The fact of the matter is many times the crowd is a bit different for many of their lines and the bags are intended to be fun. But recently I saw the Juicy Couture Patent Leather Lovely and thought it was lovely. And now I have found the Juicy Couture Rock The Bag Leather Tote and find it to be the perfect understated large tote. This looks more like a Marc by Marc bag than a Juicy Couture bag. Blink again, take it in. It is a great tote, right? The logo is barely anywhere to be found. The subtle simplicity is just what we need sometimes. A bag is a bag and meant to carry things. Sometimes all the fuss needs to be toned down, and this option is perfect. The logo at the bottom is tonal and reads “Juicy is for nice girls who like stuff”. You know what, it may be corny for some but it is perfectly placed at the bottom and does not scream out. In fact I bet you would have to walk creepily close to someone carrying this bag to be able to read it. There are a few stud accents, double straps, one inside pocket, and cotton lining. Size is square;17″W X 17″H X 2″D. Juicy, if you keep doing this you may just win me back! Because with the last two bags you have regained quite a bit of what I saw you as, a fun, everyday brand, that intends to grab attention and be casual and easy to wear. Buy through Saks for $225.

Juicy Couture Patent Leather Lovely Bag
Juicy Couture Patent Leather Lovely Bag

You all know I have not been a huge fan of Juicy Couture Bags in the past. I will even admit that I was a bit harsh. You see, their bags appealed to me when they first came out. I was in high school still and they were perfect for what I needed. But about six months later I needed more and I did not find that in the Juicy Bags. While their bags appeal to a younger crowd, I finally found a bag from Juicy that will appeal to a larger group. The shape, size, and look of the Juicy Couture Patent Leather Lovely Bag really brings Juicy to a new level in the handbag world. The shape is clever and easy to dress up if you are older or have fun with if you are younger. The color is called angel, it is like a slight beige hue mixed with white, which is perfect for this spring and summer. The patent leather is offset with suede and woven canvas trim and contrast topstitching. The other reason I like this bag is it is simple. Juicy Couture is known for their charms and extra add-ons, but sometimes we just want simple. This is an incredibly clean look for the brand and I would venture to say most looking at the bag would not even realize this was Juicy Couture. Dimensions are 12.5″x 12.25″x 6″. Buy through eLuxury for $350.