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Is it wrong that as soon as I saw this key chain I laughed? The laughter didn’t stem from the design of the key chain or anything like that, but from the cruel joke I could see a woman play on her new fiance. Picture this, the love of your life proposes to you and gives you a gorgeous engagement ring. You say yes of course and the engagement is on. Now fast forward a couple weeks. You buy this key chain and decide to play a joke on your new fiance. After a long day at work you throw your keys on the table and something sparkly catches your fiance’s eye. Without looking too closely, he makes some comment and you say something along the lines of “oh ya, isn’t it neat? i made a key chain out of the engagement ring”. Now from here, you can take the joke anywhere you’d like. But really, could you imagine the look of horror, shock or disbelief on his face? Ok, ok, I know this isn’t nice and I don’t know why I thought of it, but I did. Either way, the Juicy Couture Engagement Ring Key Fob would be a fun key chain to have and it comes with three signature Juicy rings. I mean, sure, it’s not as fancy as a REAL engagement ring, but it certainly could add a little bling, even if it’s fake, to your key chain. Buy through Saks for $45.