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JJ Winters Suede Fringe BagOh fringe, why must you confuse me so? I’ve written about plenty of handbags with fringe accents that I hated. At the same time, I’ve written about a few handbags with fringe accents I truly loved. And really, feel free to ask me, but I honestly have no idea why I like some more than others. Confusing, I know. So, now we have the JJ Winters Suede Fringe Bag. Typically I think I would say something like “holy fringe alert”, but today, at this very moment, I am liking the handbag quite a bit. I love the movement of the fringe as it is paired with a woven shoulder strap. Perhaps I am having a bit of a hippie day and thus enjoying this little fringe flashback. The bag is perfect for running around. There is ample room for whatever you might need on a given day without the purse being overwhelmingly big. I’m seriously thinking about pre-ordering this! If you want to do the same, buy through Singer22 for $425.