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As any handbag lover would, I always wonder what the big trends will be when a season’s new bags start to hit the Internet. Last season, we had purple bags, and there have been various It-Bags for every season before. So, what’s on deck for this season? The first big thing I have noticed about Spring 2009 is that apparently, we all have the blues. Blue bags, that is. I’ve got 4 awesome examples for you, several of which I’m sure we’ll cover in more detail in future posts, so that you can be the first one to tell all your friends what they should be buying. (more…)

In general, I hate being called by nicknames. Mandy. Manda. All kind of annoying, all not my name. There have been very few people in my life who have gotten away with calling me either, and no one currently has the privilege. I’d like to keep it that way. I don’t mind calling other things by those names, though, and I’m completely fine with the Jimmy Choo Manda Suede Bag.

In fact, I can’t believe I haven’t written about it already. I’ve expressed previously that I like the way that Choo has mixed leather and suede in many of their recent bags, and I think a deep color like navy blue demonstrates the difference between the two fabric types to great effect.

Jimmy Choo Manda Suede Bag

Navy is dark, but my favorite color to wear in spring and summer is white, and nothing looks better with white than navy. As a result, it works as a spring bag, even though it’s dark and partly suede, and I think that the folks at Jimmy Choo have pulled off a very clever trick by realizing that. Of course, navy also works really well for fall, meaning that a bag like the Manda is one of the few purses I’ve seen lately that will actually work year-round. It’s a bit expensive, but if it’s wearable beyond a few months of the year, it’s money well-spent. Just don’t call me Manda. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $1595.

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