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Holy glam alert batman! This little number has Studio 54 written all over it. Granted, I wasn’t around during the Sudio 54 days but I’ve seen enough to know that this bag is perfect for a night where you are looking to glam it up.

We’ve already recently mentioned several times the bucket bag trend and here is one more to drive the point home. This Jill Stuart Krista Pouchette Bag takes the bucket bag craze and kicks it up a couple notches. (more…)

I’ve been noticing bucket bags everywhere I look lately. Well, mostly when perusing online, but seriously, they are everywhere. It seems as though these bags are quite the rage for the spring. I was slow to warm to this trend but I am starting to appreciate them more and more as time passes.

These bags are small but tend to pack quite a punch. When done and worn properly, a small bag like this is the perfect accessory and a quick way to glam up your outfit. (more…)

My week out in LA has been fabulous. I have gotten a chance to meet with some of our favorite Savvy designers and I have to say, I can’t wait to share some information with you, so, stay tuned! While looking around some of the showrooms, I have to say, fringe is still present. And really, if done correctly (cough-Linea Pelle-cough, again stay tuned), fringe is a great addition to a bag. Yet, I am not so sure how I feel about the Jill Stuart Giselle Clutch. The metallic leather clutch has a leather-covered handle bar at the top and is topped off with chain fringe at the bottom. To me, it seems like the fringe doesn’t quite match the feel of the handbag. The leather seems tougher while the fringe seems a tad whimsical. Gunmetal hardware and a couple pocket options definitely pair up for a nice touch. Yet, I am still stuck on if the bag feels complete or not. What do you think? Buy through Shop Bop for $398.

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Last week we missed Web SheBang due to my vacation, so this week it will come a day early!

There is still time for a white summer dress. Try the Jill Stuart Morning Mist Sherry Dress in yummy vanilla. {Via Net a Porter for $348}

Finish off an outfit with a subtle blue leopard print pair of Christian Louboutin pumps {Via Net a Porter for $540}

Nab Cameron Diaz’ Orion Dara Floral Print Dress {via Fab Sugar}

Nicole Richie pregnant? Yikes. {Via Celebrity Rumors}